A fitness trainer shares what she does every morning to prevent neck and shoulder pain

A fitness trainer shares what she does every morning to prevent neck and shoulder pain

Whether it is working at a pc desk or scrolling on the telephone, we spend lots of time wanting down — normally slouching on the similar time.

As we slouch, our shoulders spherical and our head strikes ahead, resulting in a painful situation often called “text neck.”

This causes the higher again to develop into weak and the chest to develop into tight. Over time, the shoulders might overcompensate, resulting in painful knots within the neck and shoulders, and even complications.

How to assist stop neck and shoulder ache

As a health coach, I do 5 stretch workout routines each morning to forestall neck and shoulder ache, particularly ones attributable to textual content neck:

1. Myofascial launch of the chest

I like beginning with myofascial launch workout routines — massages that concentrate on ache within the fascial tissue that wrap round your muscle groups — as a result of they assist to loosen you up.


  1. Take a lacrosse ball (or a myofascial launch ball, the scale of a tangerine) and press firmly as you roll it up and down the realm the place your shoulder and chest join.
  2. If you desire a deeper therapeutic massage, place the ball between your chest and the nook of a wall. Find a knot (a young spot), and transfer your physique up and all the way down to rub the ball throughout the knot.
  3. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds, then repeat on the opposite aspect.

 2. Myofascial launch of the higher traps

Next, loosen and heat up the muscle groups within the again by focusing in your trapezius muscle groups (a.ok.a. our “traps”), that are in your higher again between your shoulders and neck. These traps get very tense whenever you spherical your shoulders ahead.


  1. Take the myofascial launch ball in your proper hand and place it on prime of your left shoulder close to the neck.
  2. Move the ball round till you discover a knot. Then press the ball onto your shoulder and let your arm cling. The weight of your arm will assist the ball work into any knots you’ll have.
  3. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds, then repeat on the opposite aspect.

3. Wall angels

Now it is time to strengthen the higher again. When we spherical our shoulders, our higher again stretches out, so we do not use these muscle groups very a lot. This weakens them, inflicting us to overcompensate with our traps. 


  1. Sit towards the wall and press your low again into the wall. This doesn’t should be a deep “wall sit,” however a cushty seat.
  2. Lift your arms into the form of a “W” doing all of your greatest to maintain your elbows and wrists towards the wall.
  3. Move your arms up the wall a couple of foot, all whereas preserving your low again towards the wall and your wrists and elbows as shut as potential to the wall.
  4. Return to your beginning place.
  5. Do three units of 10 reps.

4. Chest stretch

This deeper stretch helps lengthen the muscles and increase range of motion.


  1. Face a wall and carry your proper arm out to the aspect. Place your palm and your total arm towards the wall.
  2. Slowly start rotating your physique to the left away from the wall. Stop when the depth of the stretch reaches a six out of 10.
  3. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then repeat on the opposite aspect. While you are holding, attempt totally different positions along with your hand, primarily transferring your arm barely greater for a deeper stretch.

5. Neck circles

There are greater than 20 muscle groups in your neck, and these circles offer you an opportunity to see which, if any, are tight.


  1. Clasp your fingers behind your again to “pull” your shoulders again.
  2. Start along with your chin to your chest and slowly roll your head so your proper ear goes towards your proper shoulder.
  3. Slowly search for on the ceiling, proceed the circle so your left ear goes in the direction of your left shoulder, then return your chin to your chest.
  4. Reverse the route.
  5. If any place on this circle feels further tense, pause and permit the stretch to happen for about 30 seconds earlier than persevering with.
  6. Do three to 4 circles in every route.

Keep in thoughts that these workout routines usually are not for everybody. If you will have a bodily situation or well being issues, seek the advice of along with your physician earlier than making an attempt any of the stretches.

And whereas this routine can stop or relieve ache, I additionally advocate creating an surroundings the place you need not look down as usually.

This means holding your telephone up when taking a look at it, ensuring you will have an ergonomic desk setup, and getting motion in all through the day.

Stephanie Mellinger is a licensed private coach and corrective train specialist. She can be the founding father of Omnia Fit and a author for HealthDay. Follow her on Instagram @omnia_fit_.

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