4 Triceps Stretches for Tight or Sore Muscles on Arm Workouts

4 Triceps Stretches for Tight or Sore Muscles on Arm Workouts

YOUR TRICEPS ARE are mighty muscle tissue—however when your arms are sore or tight, you may want to provide them some further consideration by stretching them earlier than you get to any urgent or entrance racking throughout your exercises.

Dan Giordano, PT, DPT, C.S.C.S. of Bespoke Treatments, takes us by means of the most effective triceps stretches to get our elbows and shoulders feeling unfastened.

What Is the Triceps Muscle?

The triceps consists of three distinct muscles: the medial, lateral, and lengthy heads. These three parts come collectively to create the muscle, which is positioned on the bottom (posterior) of your higher arm. The triceps is the most important muscle in your higher arm—it is larger than the biceps.

What Does the Triceps Muscle Do?

The triceps muscle is chargeable for all issues elbow extension. The lengthy head of the triceps additionally performs a task in extension of the shoulder, because it latches behind your shoulder blade. Because of those features, the triceps serves because the help staff on quite a lot of lifts, similar to chest presses, pushups, and overhead presses. Strengthening this muscle will help enhance your different lifts.

Strength shouldn’t be the one essential attribute of the triceps. Many actions are depending on mobility by means of the elbow and shoulder, which finally means mobility by means of the triceps.

Who Can Benefit From Triceps Stretches?

If you are feeling tight and sore after a protracted arm day, you may gain advantage from a stretch session. Stretching can even assist your vary of movement making different actions and positions, like the front rack, simpler.

If you are huge into barbell coaching, you’re seemingly within the entrance rack place typically. This is the beginning place for lifts like entrance squats and overhead presses, and the ending place for actions like dangle cleans. The extension of the elbow and the shoulder in that place are depending on the mobility of the triceps. If you’re feeling like moving into or holding that place for a time period is troublesome, it is seemingly since you’re lacking out on a few of that mobility. Throw in some wrist mobility exercises and you will be entrance racking with out as a lot discomfort.

What Style of Stretching Should You Do?

Before we get into the stretches, it is essential to know the rationale behind their execution. Stretching is essential on each the back and front ends of a exercise, however there are basic variations relying on the place you set it.

Dynamic stretching that you simply usually see on the entrance finish of a exercise is greatest for selling blood stream to the realm to heat up the muscle earlier than working units. This type of stretching means quick, fast holds. Static stretching comes on the finish of the working units. These lengthy, regular holds additionally promote blood stream, however on this case you will additionally assist flush out the lactic acid construct up created by means of the exercise, which is what causes soreness. Post-workout stretching is the most effective time to sink deep into stretches to give attention to vary of movement.

If your purpose is to heat up with some dynamic stretching, maintain the pose for 2 to 3 seconds and alternate sides. If your purpose is to chill down and work on mobility publish exercise, maintain for 3 units of 30 seconds, Giordano recommends.

4 Best Triceps Stretches

Overhead Triceps Stretch

This is a traditional for a purpose. This stretch promotes blood stream to all three parts of the tricep.

How to Do It:

  • Lift your hand over your head.
  • Bend the elbow to the purpose the place your hand is flat in your higher again.
  • Use the opposite arm to push the elbow down and again.

Overhead Triceps Stretch with Towel Assist

If your vary of movement with the above stretch is admittedly missing, including a towel to the combo will help. If you are still feeling a restriction by means of the shoulder blade, attempt it and not using a shirt on, or moist the towel to get it to stretch extra.

How to Do It:

  • Lift your hand over your head with the towel in hand.
  • Bend the elbow down and again.
  • Use the opposite hand to seize the underside of the towel, and pull it downward.

Cross-body Triceps Stretch

If you are feeling tightness on the high portion of the triceps by the shoulder, this stretch is for you. It additionally offers a bit of further like to the rear deltoid. Remember, solely pull to the place is snug. If it begins to harm, you have gone too far.

How to Do It:

  • Cross your arm throughout your chest.
  • Put the other hand proper behind the elbow.
  • Pull the crossed arm in in direction of the chest.

Overhead Tricep Wall Stretch

This stretch is nice for opening up your triceps correctly for that entrance rack place.

How to Do It:

  • Square up towards a wall.
  • Put your elbow as excessive up on the wall as you possibly can. The larger you go, the extra of a stretch you are going to get.
  • Bend the elbow down and again, with the palm dealing with away from you.
  • Take the opposite hand to push down on the outward dealing with palm.
  • Press your weight into the wall by means of the elbow to really feel the stretch.

Remember, in case you’re feeling important ache working by means of your elbow or shoulder throughout these stretches, lower the stress down. It isn’t value it to stretch by means of ache, so do not hesitate to talk to a bodily therapist or doctor if wanted.


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