Manganese | The Nutrition Source

Manganese | The Nutrition Source

Manganese is a hint mineral that’s important to our our bodies in small quantities. Because we can not make it, we should acquire it in meals or dietary supplements. Manganese is a coenzyme that assists many enzymes concerned in breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and ldl cholesterol. [1] It additionally assists enzymes in constructing bones and retaining the immune and reproductive methods working easily. [2] Manganese works with vitamin K to help in wound therapeutic by clotting the blood.

Manganese is absorbed within the small gut. Most of the mineral is saved in bone, with smaller quantities within the liver, mind, kidneys, and pancreas. Manganese ranges are tough to measure within the physique as dietary intakes don’t all the time correlate with blood ranges.

Recommended Amounts

RDA: The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adults 19+ years is 2.3 mg a day for males and 1.8 mg for ladies. For ladies who’re pregnant or lactating, the RDA is 2.0 mg and a pair of.6 mg, respectively.

UL: The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for manganese for all adults 19+ years of age and pregnant and lactating ladies is 11 mg day by day; a UL is the utmost day by day consumption unlikely to trigger dangerous results on well being.

Manganese and Health

Food Sources

Manganese is present in all kinds of meals, from shellfish to grains to legumes, and even spices. Drinking water incorporates small quantities of manganese.

Signs of Deficiency and Toxicity


A deficiency of manganese may be very uncommon, and there are not any teams of individuals identified to be in danger for growing a deficiency. Therefore, signs exhibiting a deficiency haven’t been clearly established. The absorption of manganese might lower if eaten with iron-rich meals, as these minerals compete for a similar proteins that assist with their absorption within the intestines.


There are not any experiences of reaching poisonous ranges of manganese from the eating regimen. However, there have been remoted case experiences of toxicity proven in individuals who drank water contaminated with unusually excessive ranges of manganese and in industrial mining and welding staff who inhaled extra quantities of manganese in mud. [2] Because iron and manganese depend on the identical proteins that assist with their absorption, having low iron shops (e.g., anemia) can improve manganese absorption and heighten a toxicity if extra manganese is current.

A manganese toxicity targets the central nervous system. Symptoms embody:

  • Tremors
  • Muscle spasms
  • Decreased hand-eye coordination
  • Decreased stability
  • Hearing loss
  • Headaches
  • Depression, temper modifications

Did You Know?

  • The predominant meals sources of manganese within the U.S. eating regimen are tea, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Manganese is a element of an antioxidant referred to as superoxide dismutase (SOD), which may defend in opposition to cell injury brought on by free radical molecules. SOD is an enzyme that breaks down the free radical superoxide into smaller, much less dangerous molecules.

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