Sports Nutrition Market In Europe – 2022-2026, Rising Inclination Toward Fitness Owing To Increasing Awareness Of Lifestyle-related Conditions to Boost Market Growth

Key Market Dynamics:

  • Market Driver
  • Market Challenges

The growing propensity for health because of rising consciousness of the lifestyle-related situation is among the main causes propelling development within the sports activities diet market in Europe. They are being inspired to embrace totally different train regimens in consequence, and the vast majority of clients have begun actively partaking in health and sporting occasions. It is now crucial to make use of vitality boosters to enhance efficiency with a view to get the specified results from exercise routines.

The rising use of sports activities diet merchandise by athletes, each beginner {and professional}, can also be brought on by comparable circumstances. Consequently, the market is increasing because of the rising engagement in sports activities and health applications. Although components corresponding to the numerous risk from counterfeit merchandise might impede the market development. Request for Sample Report.

The UK will account for 40% of market development. The market on this nation will develop extra rapidly than the markets in Italy, France, and the remainder of Europe. Over the projected interval, the growth of the sports activities diet market in Europe and the UK might be aided by a rise within the variety of people becoming a member of health facilities and an increase within the demand for protein-based items like sports activities diet merchandise.

The rising competitors available in the market is compelling distributors to undertake numerous development methods corresponding to promotional actions and spending on ads to enhance the visibility of their companies. Some distributors are additionally adopting inorganic development methods corresponding to M&As to stay aggressive available in the market.   

The report analyzes the market’s aggressive panorama and provides data on a number of market distributors, together with:

    • Abbott Laboratories
    • Ajinomoto Co. Inc.
    • Glanbia Plc
    • GlaxoSmithKline Plc
    • Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.
    • Lonza Group Ltd.
    • PepsiCo Inc.
    • Ultimate Nutrition Inc.

Find further highlights on the expansion methods adopted by distributors and their product
Read Sample Report. 

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Sports Nutrition Market Scope in Europe

Report Coverage


Page quantity


Base yr


Forecast interval


Growth momentum & CAGR

Accelerate at a CAGR of 8.01%

Market development 2021-2025

$ 2.01 billion

Market construction


YoY development (%)


Regional evaluation


Performing market contribution

UK at 40%

Key client nations

UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Rest of Europe

Competitive panorama

Leading corporations, Competitive methods, Consumer engagement scope

Key corporations profiled

Abbott Laboratories, Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Glanbia Plc, Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., Lonza Group Ltd., NUTREND D.S., as, Optimum Nutrition Inc., PepsiCo Inc., TRIPOINT GmbH, and Ultimate Nutrition Inc.

Market dynamics

Parent market evaluation, Market development inducers and obstacles, Fast-growing and slow-growing section evaluation, COVID-19 impression and restoration evaluation and future client dynamics, Market situation evaluation for the forecast interval

Customization purview

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary                           

                1.1 Market Overview

                                Exhibit 01:  Key Finding 1

                                Exhibit 02:  Key discovering 2

                                Exhibit 03:  Key discovering 3

                                Exhibit 04:  Key discovering 5

                                Exhibit 05:  Key discovering 6

                                Exhibit 06:  Key Finding 7

2. Market Landscape                             

                2.1 Market ecosystem             

                                2.1.1 Parent market

                                Exhibit 07:  Parent market

                                Exhibit 08:  Market traits

                2.2 Value chain evaluation           

                                Exhibit 09:  Value chain evaluation : Packaged Foods and Meats

                                2.2.1 Inputs

                                2.2.2 Inbound logistics

                                2.2.3 Primary processing

                                2.2.4 Secondary and tertiary processing

                                2.2.5 Outbound logistics

                                2.2.6 End-customers

                                2.2.7 Marketing and gross sales

                                2.2.8 Services

                                2.2.9 Innovations

3. Market Sizing                       

                3.1 Market definition

                                Exhibit 10:  Offerings of distributors included available in the market definition

                3.2 Market section evaluation 

                                Exhibit 11:  Market segments

                3.3 Market measurement 2021 

                3.4 Market outlook: Forecast for 2021 – 2026 

                                3.4.1 Estimating development charges for rising and high-growth markets

                                3.4.2 Estimating development charges for mature markets

                                Exhibit 12:  Global – Market measurement and forecast 2021 – 2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 13:  Global market: Year-over-year development 2021 – 2026 (%)

4. Five Forces Analysis                          

                4.1 Five Forces Summary        

                                Exhibit 14:  Five forces evaluation 2021 and 2026

                4.2 Bargaining energy of patrons           

                                Exhibit 15:  Bargaining energy of patrons

                4.3 Bargaining energy of suppliers       

                                Exhibit 16:  Bargaining energy of suppliers

                4.4 Threat of latest entrants    

                                Exhibit 17:  Threat of latest entrants

                4.5 Threat of substitutes         

                                Exhibit 18: Threat of substitutes

                4.6 Threat of rivalry   

                                Exhibit 19: Threat of rivalry

                4.7 Market situation

                                Exhibit 20:  Market situation – Five forces 2021

5. Market Segmentation by Application                       

                5.1 Market segments

                                The segments coated on this chapter are:

  • Non-protein sports activities diet
  • Protein powder
  • Protein RTD
  • Protein bar

                                Exhibit 21:  Application – Market share 2021-2026 (%)

                5.2 Comparison by Application             

                                Exhibit 22:  Comparison by Application

                5.3 Non-protein sports activities diet – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026                

                                Exhibit 23:  Non-protein sports activities diet – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 24:  Non-protein sports activities diet – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                5.4 Protein powder – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026          

                                Exhibit 25:  Protein powder – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 26:  Protein powder – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                5.5 Protein RTD – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 

                                Exhibit 27:  Protein RTD – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 28:  Protein RTD – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                5.6 Protein bar – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026  

                                Exhibit 29:  Protein bar – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 30:  Protein bar – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                5.7 Market alternative by Application              

                                Exhibit 31:  Market alternative by Application

6. Customer panorama                         

                                Technavio’s buyer panorama matrix evaluating Drivers or value sensitivity, Adoption lifecycle, significance in buyer value basket, Adoption fee and Key buy standards

                6.1 Overview

                                Exhibit 32:  Customer panorama

7. Geographic Landscape                     

                7.1 Geographic segmentation

                                The areas coated within the report are:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Rest of Europe

                                Exhibit 33:  Market share by geography 2021-2026 (%)

                7.2 Geographic comparability   

                                Exhibit 34:  Geographic comparability

                7.3 UK – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026   

                                Exhibit 35:   UK – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 36:  UK – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                7.4 Germany – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026      

                                Exhibit 37:   Germany – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 38:  Germany – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                7.5 Italy – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026

                                Exhibit 39:   Italy – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 40:  Italy – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                7.6 France – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026           

                                Exhibit 41:   France – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 42:  France – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                7.7 Rest of Europe – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026           

                                Exhibit 43:   Rest of Europe – Market measurement and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 44:  Rest of Europe – Year-over-year development 2021-2026 (%)

                7.8 Market alternative by geography

                                Exhibit 45:  Market alternative by geography ($ million)

8. Drivers, Challenges, and Trends                   

                8.1 Market drivers     

                                8.1.1 Rising inclination towards health owing to growing consciousness of lifestyle-related circumstances

                                8.1.2 Growing consumption from non-sports fans and the aged inhabitants

                                8.1.3 Increasing variety of promotional actions 

                8.2 Market challenges              

                                8.2.1 Significant risk from counterfeit merchandise

                                8.2.2 Risk of product contamination

                                8.2.3 Stringent rules and tips by the European Union

                                Exhibit 46:  Impact of drivers and challenges

                8.3 Market traits      

                                8.3.1 Advances in sports activities diet merchandise

                                8.3.2 Growing client choice for clear labels in sports activities diet merchandise

                                8.3.3 Increase in variety of health facilities and sports activities golf equipment

9. Vendor Landscape                             

                9.1 Overview

                                Exhibit 47:  Vendor panorama

                9.2 Landscape disruption        

                                Exhibit 48:  Landscape disruption

                                Exhibit 49:  Industry dangers

                9.3 Competitive panorama     

10. Vendor Analysis               

                10.1 Vendors coated              

                                Exhibit 50:  Vendors coated

                10.2 Market positioning of distributors    

                                Exhibit 51: Market positioning of distributors

                10.3 Abbott Laboratories        

                                Exhibit 52:  Abbott Laboratories – Overview

                                Exhibit 53:  Abbott Laboratories – Business segments

                                Exhibit 54:  Abbott Laboratories – Key information

                                Exhibit 55:  Abbott Laboratories – Key choices

                                Exhibit 56:  Abbott Laboratories – Segment focus

                10.4 Ajinomoto Co. Inc.           

                                Exhibit 57:  Ajinomoto Co. Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 58:  Ajinomoto Co. Inc. – Business segments

                                Exhibit 59:  Ajinomoto Co. Inc – Key information

                                Exhibit 60:  Ajinomoto Co. Inc. – Key choices

                10.5 Glanbia Plc          

                                Exhibit 61:  Glanbia Plc – Overview

                                Exhibit 62:  Glanbia Plc – Business segments

                                Exhibit 63:  Glanbia Plc – Key choices

                                Exhibit 64:  Glanbia Plc – Segment focus

                10.6 GlaxoSmithKline Plc         

                                Exhibit 65:  GlaxoSmithKline Plc – Overview

                                Exhibit 66:  GlaxoSmithKline Plc – Business segments

                                Exhibit 67:  GlaxoSmithKline Plc. – Key information

                                Exhibit 68:  GlaxoSmithKline Plc – Key choices

                                Exhibit 69:  GlaxoSmithKline Plc – Segment focus

                10.7 Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.

                                Exhibit 70:  Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 71:  Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. – Product and repair

                                Exhibit 72:  Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. – Key choices

                10.8 Lonza Group Ltd.              

                                Exhibit 73:  Lonza Group Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 74:  Lonza Group Ltd. – Business segments

                                Exhibit 75:  Lonza Group Ltd. – Key information

                                Exhibit 76:  Lonza Group Ltd. – Key choices

                                Exhibit 77:  Lonza Group Ltd. – Segment focus

                10.9 NUTREND DS AS

                                Exhibit 78:  NUTREND DS AS – Overview

                                Exhibit 79:  NUTREND DS AS – Product and repair

                                Exhibit 80:  NUTREND DS AS – Key choices

                10.10 PepsiCo Inc.     

                                Exhibit 81:  PepsiCo Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 82:  PepsiCo Inc. – Business segments

                                Exhibit 83:  PepsiCo Inc. – Key information

                                Exhibit 84:  PepsiCo Inc. – Key choices

                                Exhibit 85:  PepsiCo Inc. – Segment focus

                10.11 TRIPOINT GmbH             

                                Exhibit 86:  TRIPOINT GmbH – Overview

                                Exhibit 87:  TRIPOINT GmbH – Product and repair

                                Exhibit 88:  TRIPOINT GmbH. – Key information

                                Exhibit 89:  TRIPOINT GmbH – Key choices

                10.12 Ultimate Nutrition Inc. 

                                Exhibit 90:  Ultimate Nutrition Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 91:  Ultimate Nutrition Inc. – Product and repair

                                Exhibit 92:  Ultimate Nutrition Inc. – Key choices

11. Appendix                            

                11.1 Scope of the report         

                                11.1.1 Market definition

                                11.1.2 Objectives

                                11.1.3 Notes and caveats

                11.2 Currency conversion charges for US$            

                                Exhibit 93:  Currency conversion charges for US$

                11.3 Research Methodology 

                                Exhibit 94:  Research Methodology

                                Exhibit 95:  Validation strategies employed for market sizing

                                Exhibit 96:  Information sources

                11.4 List of abbreviations        

                                Exhibit 97:  List of abbreviations

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