Chile nails nutrition by 3D printing food for kids!

Chile nails nutrition by 3D printing food for kids!

A professor from the University of Chile has begun 3D printing meals to encourage nutritious consuming amongst children.


Cochayuyo (pronounced “cotch-a-you-yo”) has an extended historical past in southern Chilean delicacies. Archaeologists found dry stays of the wild seaweed in 14,000-year outdated fireplaces at Monte Verde, a South American archaeological website on the tentative UNESCO world heritage checklist.

The superfood is wealthy in amino acids, minerals and iodine, and though now not mandatory for its nutrient qualities, continues to be harvested, used for household recipes, and the nation exports the dried seaweed to Taiwan.

In New Zealand, the place it’s known as “bull kelp”, it’s additionally been used in traditional Māori cooking for hundreds of years.

A staff from the University of Chile in Santiago have now found a new use for the historic staple.

Using 3D printing expertise, the dietary star is dehydrated, floor to an algae flour, blended with immediate mash potato and sizzling water, and after seven minutes is formed into collectible figurines—resembling Pokémon‘s Pikachu. The starch, mixed with the cochayuyo alginate, is what offers the product stabilisation for 3D printing.

Professor Roberto Lemus, who labored on the experiment, instructed Agence France-Presse (AFP), “We are on the lookout for totally different figures, enjoyable figures, visuals, colors, style, flavours, smells.”

But he emphasised the main focus is on nutritional content. “The product must be very nutritious for individuals, but it surely additionally must be scrumptious,” he stated.

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3D technology has evolved in the culinary industry, already used to design meals resembling sweets and pasta. NASA is also working on expanding the variety of foods accessible to astronauts in area.

These printers are costly, nonetheless, Lemus is hoping the prices will quickly lower because the expertise advances and their product will be capable to attain extra individuals.

Move over, frozen EmotiBites.

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