Triangle Sushi: Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides

Triangle Sushi: Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides

Triangle sushi is a rice ball, also referred to as onigiri, that’s formed into the type of a triangle.

Although onigiri will be made into numerous shapes, triangle-shaped onigiri is usually the commonest.

This in style Japanese meals will be eaten chilly or pan-fried, with or with out toppings, making it a flexible snack or lunchbox merchandise.

It’s a great supply of iodine, and — relying on the fillings added — of assorted different vitamins as effectively.

In this text, I’ll assessment triangle sushi, what it’s, the best way to make it, the methods it could contribute to your well being, and what to know when you’re contemplating including it to your weight-reduction plan.

Triangle sushi is, because the identify implies, sushi within the form of a triangle. It’s made with steamed sushi rice that’s wrapped in nori, which is a dried edible seaweed.

In its most elementary model, a triangle sushi consists solely of rice and seaweed. However, fillings like fish, tofu, beans, fruit, or greens may also be added to it.

Anecdotally, some individuals imagine that shaping the rice balls into the type of mountains was initially a manner for Japanese individuals to ask for cover in opposition to spirits.

Others recommend the triangle form was merely most well-liked on account of its area effectivity, which is simpler to pack and carry round than the disk-, round-, or pillar-shaped onigiri – the three different most typical shapes.

The largest distinction between triangle sushi and different sushi rolls is that common sushi makes use of rice that’s been seasoned with sugar and rice vinegar. On the opposite hand, triangle sushi is normally made from steamed rice with no sugar or rice vinegar added to it.

Some individuals select so as to add seasonings, equivalent to furikake, to taste the rice.

Furikake is a sort of Japanese seasoning produced from a mix of components, equivalent to fish, dried seaweed (nori), sesame seeds, salt, and spices. It generally additionally comprises egg and sugar.

Traditional triangle sushi fillings embody dried fish with soy sauce, pickled plum, salted salmon, tuna in mayonnaise, kombu, or furikake.

However, quite a lot of different fillings could also be used, together with vegan choices like tofu, beans, fruit, veggies, and recent seaweed.


Triangle sushi is onigiri (rice balls) fashioned within the form of a triangle. It consists of steamed sushi rice that’s generally seasoned wrapped in dried seaweed. It will be served as is or stuffed together with your alternative of fillings.

The most elementary model of a triangle sushi consists merely of steamed sushi rice and dried nori. Each triangle weighs round 1.4 ounces (41 grams) and affords roughly (1, 2, 3):

  • Calories: 49 kcal
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbohydrates: 11 grams
  • Sugar:
  • Fiber:
  • Fat:
  • Iodine: 23%
  • Copper: 9% DV
  • Selenium: 5% DV
  • Zinc: 3% DV
  • Magnesium: 3% DV
  • Thiamin: 3% DV
  • Iron: 2%
  • Riboflavin: 2%
  • Niacin: 2% DV

Adding fillings to your sushi rice will have an effect on its dietary worth. For occasion, adding fish, tofu, or beans will improve the protein, iron, and zinc contents, whereas including fruit or veggies will present some further potassium and nutritional vitamins A and C.

Flavorings, equivalent to soy sauce, pickled plum, or furikake, can considerably improve the salt content material of triangle sushi, so it’s finest to make use of a lightweight hand or decide low sodium varieties when obtainable.


Triangle sushi is an efficient supply of carbs, iodine, and selenium. Depending on the fillings you select, it may well additionally offer you further protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, and omega-3s.

Adding triangle sushi to your weight-reduction plan can provide some potential well being advantages. There are additionally some concerns to bear in mind.

May help thyroid operate

Triangle sushi is usually rolled in a sheet of dried seaweed, which is taken into account a great supply of the nutrient iodine.

Iodine is crucial to your thyroid to operate correctly. The thyroid performs numerous vital roles inside the physique, together with regulating your metabolism.

Getting too little iodine in your weight-reduction plan may cause your thyroid operate to decelerate, giving rise to signs like dry pores and skin, low energy, forgetfulness, melancholy, weight achieve, and tingling within the arms and toes (4).

The advisable quantity of iodine for adults is 150 mcg per day. One triangle sushi rolled in a half-sheet of nori usually supplies round 35 mcg of iodine, or 23% of the day by day worth (DV) (3).

Could assist promote intestine well being

Due to its seaweed content material, triangle sushi additionally comprises agars, fucoidans, and carrageenans, that are all compounds with prebiotic capabilities.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that feed the useful micro organism lining your intestine. The increased the quantity of fine micro organism in your intestine, the much less area for dangerous micro organism there’s. That stability helps hold your intestine wholesome (5).

In addition to a wholesome intestine, prebiotics might also enhance your immunity, mind well being, and coronary heart well being (6).

Moreover, researchers imagine that the prebiotics in seaweed might also possess some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory results, which may additional profit your total well being (5).

May comprise heavy metals

If your triangle sushi comprises seaweed, fish, or shellfish, it could inadvertently be tainted with heavy metals, equivalent to arsenic or mercury.

The quantity of heavy metals present in fish is dependent upon the species and stage of air pollution discovered within the setting by which they develop.

In current research, near one-third of all fish samples examined contained mercury levels that exceeded the secure limits set by the World Health Organization (7).

Exposure to heavy metals, equivalent to mercury, has been linked to quite a lot of signs, together with free tooth, tremors, complications, fatigue, and dementia (8).

Generally talking, the bigger and older the fish, the extra mercury it would possible comprise. For occasion, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and bluefish, bluefin tuna, and striped bass comprise probably the most (9).

Seaweed may also turn into contaminated with heavy metals, particularly arsenic. Just like fish, the quantity it comprises will rely on the extent of air pollution within the space the seaweed grew in (10).

The quantity of arsenic in most seaweed doesn’t normally seem to exceed the secure restrict, although.

Moreover, the quantity of seaweed you’d be consuming from a standard portion triangle sushi can be fairly low, making your threat of arsenic overload additionally low.

However, this threat could also be price retaining in thoughts for many who ingest massive quantities of seaweed commonly, be it by sushi, seaweed salad, or seaweed-based dietary supplements (10).

Often comprises excessive quantities of salt

Triangle sushi can comprise massive quantities of sodium (salt), particularly when you use salty condiments like soy sauce and coconut aminos to taste to it (11, 12).

An overly salty weight-reduction plan could improve blood strain in some individuals, which might in flip improve your threat of coronary heart failure (13, 14, 15).

High salt diets have additionally been linked to an elevated threat of abdomen most cancers. However, we’d like extra analysis to higher perceive that affiliation in people (16).

You can lower the general salt content material of your triangle sushi by choosing low sodium condiments and seasonings, every time attainable.


Triangle sushi could promote thyroid operate, immunity, and mind, intestine, and coronary heart well being. However, it may be excessive in sodium and could also be contaminated with heavy metals. Choosing your toppings, seasonings, and condiments fastidiously can maximize well being advantages whereas minimizing any potential dangers.

Triangle sushi is comparatively simple to make by yourself. Here’s what you’ll want and the steps to observe to make about 4 servings.


  • 1 cup (255 grams) sushi rice, raw
  • 1 cup (240 mL) water
  • 2 nori sheets, every lower in half
  • Furikake combine, to style (elective)
  • Shredded or diced fruit and veggies; cooked beans, lentils, or peas; crushed nuts or nut butter; cooked meat or fish, to style (elective)


  1. Rinse your sushi rice underneath chilly working water and prepare dinner in keeping with the bundle directions. For finest outcomes, proceed onto the next steps whereas your rice remains to be heat.
  2. If utilizing seasoning, add it to your cooked rice and blend evenly.
  3. Wet your arms and rub a pinch or two of salt into them to stop the rice from sticking to your pores and skin. Then scoop up about one-fourth of your rice.
  4. If including a filling, flatten out the rice, scoop out about one tablespoon (15 mL) of filling, and fold the perimeters of the rice over to cowl your filling.
  5. Lightly kind your rice right into a ball. Then, relaxation the ball into your palm and use your fingertips to kind it right into a triangular form.
  6. Position your nori sheet in entrance of you with the quick edge in direction of you. Place your rice triangle onto the quick fringe of your nori sheet, with the tip going through down, in direction of you.
  7. Fold the 2 decrease edges of the nori sheet over the tip of the triangle, to cowl it.
  8. Roll your triangle over onto the nori sheet, away from you, as to cowl the remaining rice with nori.
  9. Trim the surplus nori sheet with kitchen scissors. Place a grain of rice on every of the remaining corners and fold them over onto your nori sheet to shut your triangle.

Here’s a visual guide of the strategy above that can assist you higher visualize the best way to fold your triangle sushi.

Here are just a few concepts for seasonings or fillings you possibly can add when making your individual triangle sushi.

Seasoning choices

Along with or as a substitute of furikake combine, you should purchase these both from an Asian grocery store or on-line.

  • Goma shio (black sesame salt)
  • Ume goma shio (plum sesame salt)
  • Katuso fumi (fish flakes with seaweed and spices)
  • Seasoned kombu (seaweed)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Low-sodium soy sauce
  • Coconut aminos

Filling choices

Triangle sushi will be served as is or crammed together with your fillings of alternative. Feel free to select from the ideas beneath or make up your individual!

Meat or fish-based fillings

  • Canned tuna with mayonnaise
  • Smoked salmon
  • Shredded rooster with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Stewed beef
  • Salted cod roe

Plant-based fillings

  • Diced smoked tofu
  • Marinated tempeh
  • Edamame beans in a peanut sauce
  • Jackfruit in a spiced chili sauce
  • Shredded carrots, apples, or zucchini
  • Diced cucumber, strawberries, mango, or avocado
  • Pickled plum or ginger
  • Sauteed mushrooms or aubergine (eggplant)
  • Wakame or simmered kombu seaweed

You may also make it tremendous simple on your self by turning any leftovers you may have right into a triangle sushi filling.


Triangle sushi is comparatively simple to make by yourself. You could make these rice balls merely from seasoned rice and nori, or you possibly can add quite a lot of fillings.

Triangle sushi is best enjoyed fresh. Storing it within the fridge may cause the nori to turn into soggy and the rice to turn into dry and clumpy.

Wrapping the sushis in a plastic wrap and storing them into an hermetic container could hold them from drying out in a single day.

It’s finest to wrap the rice triangles alone, including the nori solely proper earlier than consuming, to stop it from turning into overly smooth.

If, regardless of your finest efforts, you discover that the outer layer of your triangle sushi has dried out in a single day, strive pan-frying the rice balls in a bit of sesame oil.

This grilled model of onigiri is named yaki-onigiri. The warmth will create a crispy outer layer whereas sustaining a moist and tender interior layer.


Triangle sushi is finest eaten shortly after it has been ready. If you wish to retailer it, strive wrapping the triangle-shaped rice in plastic wrap and rolling it within the nori solely proper earlier than it’s time to eat it.

Triangle sushi is a rice ball formed into the type of a triangle and wrapped right into a sheet of dried seaweed.

Flavor will be added to it by seasonings, condiments, or numerous meat- fish- or plant-based fillings.

This versatile meal or snack is a very good supply of iodine and prebiotics, which might profit the well being of your immune system, thyroid, mind, coronary heart, and intestine.

However, relying on the seasonings or fillings you select, your triangle sushi might also be excessive in salt or heavy metals — each of which may negatively influence your well being when eaten in extra.

To get probably the most well being advantages with the least quantity of threat, go for low sodium seasonings and attempt to keep away from over-filling your triangle sushi with seaweed or fish that’s excessive in mercury.

Moreover, attempt to go for plant-based fillings every time attainable.

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