Good Nutrition is the Best Medicine

Good Nutrition is the Best Medicine

Apr 28, 2022 12:00 AM

University of Utah Health Communications

Infographic explains how certain foods in your diet are linked to chronic conditions.

Diets excessive in fats, sodium, sugar, and processed and quick meals are linked to power situations corresponding to cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, weight problems, kidney illness, and sure cancers. By tweaking your eating regimen, you’ll be able to stop these power situations or enhance your well being and remedy outcomes for these situations.

Eat Your Vegetables

Eating a further 2.5 servings of fruit and greens per day can cut back your danger of heart problems by 8-13 p.c, according to a recent study. Other research has proven that individuals who eat 5 or extra servings a day are 30 p.c much less more likely to develop coronary heart illness than those that eat 1.5 servings a day.

Beware of Sodium!

Restaurant meals, frozen meals and pizzas, extremely processed meals corresponding to canned soups and deli meats, and processed meats like bacon and ham are usually loaded with sodium. Sodium isn’t simply because of added salt but additionally to preservatives and different components. Limit sodium to 1,500 milligrams per day—significantly lower than the common each day consumption of three,400 milligrams.

Limit Red Meat and Processed Meats

Many Americans love juicy steaks and burgers. While the occasional serving of beef is ok, analysis has proven that recurrently consuming crimson meat and processed meats (deli meats, bacon, sausage, and ham) can elevate the danger of coronary heart illness, most cancers, and kind 2 diabetes. Nutritionists recommend consuming extra fish, beans, and tofu as protein sources as a substitute.

Save Money and Your Health: Cook at Home

Cooking at residence with contemporary, unprocessed components will enable you just be sure you aren’t getting an excessive amount of sodium and are assembly really helpful each day necessities for fruit and veggies. You will possible have extra power, enhance your ldl cholesterol and blood sugar ranges, and reduce your blood stress.

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