A good stretching routine benefits people of all ages

A good stretching routine benefits people of all ages

Muscle tightness and painful joints could worsen with age, however in addition they can sideline younger athletes who overuse their our bodies, new mother and father snatching naps in chairs, and vacationers on lengthy airplane flights.

And, generally, chances are you’ll expertise ache in a part of your physique that’s attributable to stiffness in one other space. The basic instance is tight hamstrings, which if left unmanaged can result in a decent decrease again and diminished movement by the backbone.

So in any respect ages and exercise ranges, an excellent stretching program is important to practical health. Check out the advantages:

  • Improved vary of movement by the joint.

  • Increased circulation by the muscular tissues, lowering threat of blood clots.

  • A way of reduction because the tightness, stiffness and soreness subside.

  • Improve well-being as oxygen flows all through the physique.

This routine depends on a easy yoga strap or stretching strap, which assists with correct positioning and helps you attain a higher vary of movement with out the help of anybody else.

Points to recollect:

  • Stretch solely to the purpose of problem, not ache. Count out loud and by no means maintain your breath.

  • Warm up the muscular tissues earlier than you stretch to keep away from damage to muscular tissues and ligaments.

Here are three workout routines to attempt daily or each different day. You’ll wish to enhance the time that you just take to carry out your stretching routines at instances if you find yourself doing extra sitting or extra aggressive exercise than regular.

With all stretches, do not forget that consistency promotes progress. So don’t surrender.

These strikes launch tight quadriceps on the entrance of the thigh and tight hip flexors, small muscular tissues used to lift your leg as you stroll.


Lie in your proper facet in your mattress, with knees bent. Place the strap in your left foot. Use your left hand to drag the strap over your shoulder as you relaxation your head in your proper arm. Adjust the grip and pull till your left knee is consistent with your left shoulder or till you possibly can really feel a stretch within the entrance of your left thigh. Hold for a rely of 10, then launch the stress by tucking the knee ahead consistent with your proper knee. Repeat thrice, every time growing your rely by 5. Switch sides and repeat sequence.


Lie facedown on a mat on the ground, hips pressed down and face resting on a towel. Loop the strap round your left foot and use each arms to drag hand over hand, like climbing up a rope, till your knee is barely elevated off the ground. Hold and rely to 10, then decrease the knee and chill out your arms. Repeat thrice, every time growing your rely by 5. Switch sides and repeat sequence.

These stretches launch stress in hamstrings, in addition to the connected muscular tissues and joints, and so may help relieve soreness within the hips, decrease again, calves and buttocks. Along with the quadriceps stretches, these can enhance your gait and posture.


Sit in a sturdy, spacious chair. Loop the strap round your proper foot. Slide your backside ahead about 3-5 inches and lean again within the chair. Use your arms to assist lengthen and lift your leg up as excessive as you possibly can whilst you rely to 10. Your left knee is bent and foot firmly on the ground. Hold for 2-3 breaths, then decrease the leg again to resting place. Repeat thrice, then change sides.


Lie in your again, in your mat. Place the strap across the ball of your proper foot. Extend the left leg on the ground, holding it relaxed. With your proper leg straight, pull it up, forming a 90-degree angle together with your physique, and even nearer towards your chest, relying on how versatile you’re. Move your arms up the strap, till you’re feeling the stretch within the hamstrings. Count to 10, then pull 1 inch nearer, rely to 10 once more, then decrease leg. Repeat, then change sides.

These stretches will enhance your vary of movement, mainly within the shoulders but in addition within the biceps, chest and higher again.


Sit upright on a sturdy armless chair with an ample seat and supportive again. Make certain there’s open area behind you. Hold the strap with the ends in every hand. Extend each arms wider than shoulder width up above the pinnacle, elbows barely bent, and transfer arms in till the strap is taut. Lower arms behind you, then carry them overhead to the entrance of the physique. Repeat thrice, counting loudly to 10 and shifting slowly. Don’t be discouraged for those who can’t transfer your arms very far behind your physique — persist with the routine and also you’ll get there in time.


Standing upright, maintain the strap with ends in every hand. Extend each arms wider than shoulder width up above the pinnacle, strap taut. With elbows barely bent, decrease arms behind the physique, sticking your chest out, then swing the strap over the pinnacle to the entrance of the physique. Exaggerate the motion by rounding your shoulders ahead to get a further stretch. Repeat thrice, counting to 10 and shifting slowly.

Yvonne Ferguson Hardin (Fergie) is the proprietor of Fergie’s Instructional Training FIT in Germantown, and focuses on serving to older adults preserve and enhance wellness.


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