Grab The Fitionary: The Most Confusing Fitness Terms Revealed By New Study

Grab The Fitionary: The Most Confusing Fitness Terms Revealed By New Study


  • Research by PureGym has revealed the
    health phrases and phrases individuals are having to Google to
    perceive most often
  • The acronym BMI, brief for
    physique mass index, takes the highest spot, with greater than 96,700
    searches on Google for the time period’s definition during the last
    12 months
  • Squat and DOMS full the highest three most
    looked for health phrases, with 78,900 and 58,000 searches,

In a bid to make health extra
accessible and fewer formidable to newcomers, PureGym has revealed the
health lingo that confuses us essentially the most, and what these
phrases really imply. The health club chain used Google Keyword
Planner to analyse how usually definitions are searched for extra
than 150 frequent health phrases globally, taking a look at searches
reminiscent of ‘outline [term]’, ‘what does [term] imply’ and
‘[term] which means’.

While superior health phrases
reminiscent of hypertrophy and concentric contractions could require
a extra in-depth definition, there are additionally loads of entry
degree phrases reminiscent of ‘reps’, ‘squat’ and
‘cardio’ which might be being continuously looked for,
highlighting the massive demand for beginner-friendly health club

It is nevertheless BMI (physique mass index) that
takes the highest spot because the health time period the world is
looking to outline most continuously, with 96,700 common
month-to-month searches recorded over the previous 12 months. With a lot
debate round using BMI as a metric inside the well being
and health business, that is prone to contribute to the
excessive rating of the time period. However, when in comparison with information
from 2020, the time period is definitely one which has seen a
vital lower in searches, with searches down 7.41%
on the earlier 12 months – maybe an indication that we’re putting
much less significance on the metric.

Following in second
place, with 78,900 common month-to-month searches, is the squat
– a preferred motion that’s elementary to the health
routines of each first-time gym-goers and specialists alike, and
one which’s seeing a surge in searches with a 22% enhance
in curiosity within the final 12 months. Commonly topped because the king
of all workouts, the squat works nearly each one in every of our
muscle groups and builds power, dimension, and energy within the decrease
physique and core. It’s one in every of three key lifts in powerlifting
and is accessible for each novices and superior

Although many of the phrases that folks need
to know are health associated, there are additionally a number of
vitamin associated phrases that individuals are confused by. With
44,800 searches, ‘macros’ (brief for macronutrients)
characteristic because the sixth most looked for definition, with
probiotics shut behind in seventh (43,300

The Top 20 Most Searched For Fitness Terms
in 2021

Rank Term Average
month-to-month world Google searches (previous 12
1. BMI 96,700
2. Squat 78,900
3. DOMS 58,000
4. Unilateral 56,100
5. Reps 55,900
6. Macros 44,800
7. Probiotics 43,300
8. Posterior 39,700
9. Hypertrophy 32,900
10. PT 31,980
11. RPE 30,090
12. Proximal 27,000
13. Cardio 25,700
14. HIIT 23,900
15. Distal 23,400
16. Catabolic 23,000
17. Calisthenics 21,480
18. AMRAP 16,750
19. Cutting 15,900
20. Concentric

addition to the phrases we’re looking to outline essentially the most,
there are additionally a lot of health phrases which have seen
each vital will increase and reduces in curiosity over
the previous 12 months. Progressive overload has seen an enormous growth in
searches in 2021, with a 209% rise in searches for the time period
in comparison with 2020. 1RM, brief for one rep max (176%), and
RDL, or Romanian deadlift (119%), have additionally seen vital
will increase, maybe because of the continuing rise in
curiosity in weightlifting amongst the worldwide health club

On the opposite hand, spinning has been the
time period that’s seen the biggest lower, with a 29% drop in
searches. This might nevertheless change once more via 2022, with
courses reminiscent of spin as soon as once more operating as regular after two
years of uncertainty.

The Top 10 Terms With The
Greatest Increase In Searches vs 2020

Rank Term Average
month-to-month world Google searches
Average month-to-month world
Google searches (2021)
enhance (%) in searches from 2020 to
1. Progressive
1,430 4,420 209%
2. 1RM 460 1,270 176%
3. RDL 880 1,930 119%
4. Drop
2,930 5,610 91%
5. Bulking 4,490 8,410 87%
6. Recomp 1,020 1,910 87%
7. Deload 860 1,510 76%
8. Deadlift 1,130 1,940 72%
9. Bench
1,060 1,810 71%
10. Reps 34,400 55,900 63%

Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym commented: “The
health world is filled with acronyms and phrases particular to the
health club group, and for novices it may be overwhelming to
navigate all the terminology, including to the health club anxiousness
that many individuals already really feel when beginning

It’s been attention-grabbing to see what individuals are
looking for, and the way this has modified over time.
It’s clear from the searches which have elevated essentially the most
that individuals are taking weightlifting extra critically and
turning to Google to learn to enhance their power and
change their physique composition. However, it’s additionally clear
that there’s a large want for newbie pleasant assets
on-line so individuals can study squats, DOMS, reps and
macros too.

We’re at all times on the lookout for methods to assist
our members really feel as comfy as doable, it doesn’t matter what
stage of their journey they’re at, so we hope our findings
can assist to clear up any confusion earlier than hitting the
health club!”

To see the highest 25 most looked for phrases, and
the definitions of those, go to:

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