Chris Hemsworth Shares Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout

Founder of the health app “Centr,” Chris Hemsworth, posted a medication ball exercise to Instagram that may make you sweat simply by watching him. In the video above, a heavy-breathing Hemsworth demonstrates seven workout routines known as the Centr Functional Slam Workout. Medicine balls assist construct core energy, so doing exercises like this one usually might help improve your balance, posture, and alignment. Be ready to really feel your arms, abs, and thighs burn. Like Hemsworth says in his Instagram put up, “Get your self a ball, and a wall, and get cracking.”

If you need to usually exercise with Hemsworth, take a look at his app “Centr.” Hemsworth participates in among the exercises on the platform alongside the app’s trainers. The platform has 20 to 40-minute tools and tools free exercises in yoga, HIIT, boxing, energy, and extra — in addition to meal plan concepts and meditations.

Chris Hemsworth’s Medicine Ball Workout

Directions: Do a full-body warmup, then undergo every train within the chart beneath. Repeat the whole circuit 4 instances. Post-workout do a full-body cooldown.

Exercise Reps Sets
Right Ball Slam 5 1
Left Ball Slam 5 1
Center Ball Slam 5 1
Front Squat 5 1
Alternating Push-Ups 5 Each Side 1
Sit-Ups 5 1
Alternating Russian Twists 5 Each Side 1

Image Source: Courtesy of Centr

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