Nutritionist reveals truth about food myths – including if carrots help you see in dark

A nutritionist has revealed the reality behind common meals myths – together with whether or not carrots provide help to see in the dead of night

A nutritionist has revealed that carrots don’t really provide help to see in the dead of night

An professional has revealed as soon as and for all whether or not carrots really provide help to see in the dead of night, if an apple a day really retains the physician away – and if oysters make you frisky.

Nutritionist Lily Soutter additionally clarifies if it actually takes seven years to digest chewing gum, whether or not you possibly can swim after consuming and if fish is nice for the mind.

She confirms that whereas carrots include plenty of vitamin A – which helps keep wholesome imaginative and prescient – they don’t provide help to see any higher in the dead of night.

Similarly, having fun with an apple a day received’t in itself cut back your possibilities of needing to go to a GP, and chewing gum doesn’t take seven years to go away your system.

And sadly consuming celery doesn’t burn extra energy than you acquire from consuming it, regardless of 23 % believing it to be the case.

Turns out an apple a day won’t preserve the physician away – and you will nonetheless want to go to your GP


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Neither chocolate nor oysters are aphrodisiacs – probably to the frustration of 18 % and 19 % respectively who wrongly consider they’re.

Yogurt makers Onken teamed up with Lily after a ballot it commissioned of two,000 folks discovered half are “confused” about meals truth and fiction.

Lily mentioned: “Many of us depend on what we bear in mind from college in terms of vitamin.

“But we’re studying new issues on a regular basis about what completely different meals do for our well being, reminiscent of the advantage of fermented meals to our intestine and immune system.

“While a few of what’s handed down over generations is tremendous recommendation, a few of it isn’t.”

The research additionally discovered that swimming proper after consuming is wrongly believed by 34 % of adults to be one thing you shouldn’t do.

In truth, it’s exercising to excessive depth instantly after consuming that’s greatest prevented, because it can provide you a sew.

Almost half consider fish is nice for the mind – they usually’re proper, so long as they’re consuming oily fish, as a result of important omega 3 fatty acids in oily fish contribute to regular mind operate.

Eating bread crusts doesn’t make your hair curly, though one in ten assume it does.

Other “faux information” wrongly believed by lots of these polled embody consuming rooster soup helps if in case you have a chilly (27 %) and consuming fruit juice is as wholesome as consuming complete fruit (17 %).

It additionally emerged 4 in 10 mentioned their first level of name for info on consuming properly can be the web and 15 % would flip to their mum or dad.

However, it’s true that fish is nice for mind operate – so long as it’s an oily fish that’s excessive in Omega 3


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Others would depend on consultants like a nutritionist (14 %) or their GP (12 %).

But it could be value them asking such professionals easy methods to pronounce notable well being meals whereas they’re at it.

This is as a result of 77 % don’t know easy methods to say acai (a-sai), 71 % battle to pronounce kombucha (kom-boo-cha) appropriately, and 61 % discover saying miso (mee-so) to be a problem.

Kefir (kuh-FEAR) can also be considerably of a tongue tornado for 63 % – whereas 44 % of adults have by no means heard of it.

Laura Graham, from Onken, which has launched a Super Kefir yogurt containing reside cultures and Vitamins B6 and B12, mentioned: “When it involves wholesome consuming, it doesn’t matter whether or not or not you may get your tongue spherical saying these meals.”

Carried out via OnePoll, the analysis additionally discovered half of adults admit they don’t pay sufficient consideration to what meals their physique really wants.

While 59 % battle in terms of figuring out what meals are good or dangerous for you.

Similarly, 49 % aren’t certain what a balanced weight-reduction plan really is – and consequently, could not being consuming the whole lot they want.

Furthermore, lots of these polled don’t know which meals are supply of protein (48 %), of wholesome fat (56 %), or of advanced carbohydrates (61 %) – regardless of all being key to a nutritious diet.

FOOD FACTS AND FICTION – in accordance with Lily Soutter:

  • Carrots provide help to see in the dead of night – FICTION
  • Fish is nice for the mind – FACT
  • An apple a day retains the physician away – FICTION
  • Eating celery burns extra energy than you acquire from consuming it – FICTION

  • Chocolate is an aphrodisiac – FICTION

  • Drinking fruit juice is as wholesome as consuming complete fruit – FICTION

  • It takes seven years to digest chewing gum – FICTION

  • Oysters are an aphrodisiac – FICTION

  • You should not swim for an hour after consuming – FICTION

  • Fruit ought to be eaten on an empty abdomen – FICTION

  • Eating bread crusts makes your hair curly – FICTION

  • Eat rooster soup if in case you have a chilly – FICTION

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