Are addicts to blame for their addiction?

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There are dozens if not tons of of addictions. From heroin to chocolate, from alcohol to playing, from the web to weight-reduction plan, there appears to be no restrict to the variety of dependancy. Many a instances we blame individuals for the addictions they’ve.

Most individuals not often assume that such addictions might be the results of a trauma or a an issue that may have been instigated from the neighborhood itself or because of a pathology. 

This Saturday at 10am Andrew Azzopardi will talk about addictions throughout his programme on 103 Malta’s Heart. He will host throughout the programme:

  • Prof. Marilyn Clark, Psikologa 
  • Marica Cassar, Caritas Malta 
  • Dr Gianluca Bezzina, Tabib, Agenzija Sedqa 

Saturday at 10am throughout Andrew Azzopardi on 103.

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