Plus-Size Woman Tries Aerial Yoga and Enjoyed It

As a local New Yorker, I can inform you that New Yorkers give every little thing we’re uncovered to a little bit of a side-eye earlier than we belief it. That thought definitely applies to my relationship with aerial yoga. For me, somebody who’s practiced different linages of yoga for over 10 years, I at all times noticed aerial yoga as one thing that simply wasn’t meant for me.

I weigh greater than 300 kilos, so seeing a light-weight piece of cloth dangling from the ceiling doesn’t look protected to me in any means. Even after years of Googling, I’ve discovered that the majority aerial yoga studios checklist their weight capability as 250 kilos. The weight capability situation together with my private concern of heights lead me to consider that I’d at all times watch others take flight. That is, till I noticed that Power Plus Wellness was internet hosting a curvy aerial yoga class. Organized by Jessie Diaz and Madeline Jones (whom I’ve labored with previously), Power Plus Wellness is a group of curvy individuals who assist each other in health areas by attending health lessons as a gaggle.

Keep studying to learn the way my six-foot-two-inch, 300+-pound self acquired flipped turned the wrong way up!

Aerial Yoga Class Experience: Warmup and Sequence

On a toasty Sunday afternoon, I ventured to Om Factory in New York to attempt aerial yoga with Power Plus Wellness. Personally, I felt extra trusting making an attempt out one thing I had been afraid of for thus lengthy with different curvy individuals. We started class by studying tips on how to maintain on to the hammock.

Our trainer, Kristin, talked about that our arms may really feel a bit bizarre from gripping it for the primary time and mine positively did. My proper hand, aka my cellphone-holding hand, felt a bit stiff. I needed to open and shut my arms just a few instances till the grip felt extra snug.

Once we acquired a grip, we moved onto a collection of stretches on the mat utilizing the hammock’s floating strap to assist us stretch. The preliminary stretches had us in a seat on the mat whereas we used the hammock to stretch our higher our bodies. Then it was time to stretch our decrease halves, requiring us to belief fall into the hammock so it may maintain our torsos. OK, we did not fall, nevertheless it was a really steep lean again into the hammock. Many of us had been hesitant to lean again. Kristin observed this collective hesitation and exclaimed “these maintain as much as 2,000 kilos, by the best way!” The sigh of aid all of us took echoed by means of the studio. One by one, we safely and efficiently leaned into the hammock.

The first portion of actions had us construct a way of belief with the hammock. Leaning into the hammock, we had been in a deep squat with our legs a mat’s-width aside going all over the world noticing how we may shift in a circle and have the hammock assist us glide. Next, we introduced our legs collectively in a supported chair place lifting one leg then the opposite. Just as I used to be feeling extra snug, it was time to face up and begin placing our legs within the hammock for hamstring stretches. The most nerve-wracking a part of this part was lifting our again heel off the mat whereas our entrance leg was draped over the loop of the hammock, form of like a floating lunge. We held onto the edges of the hammock and shifted ahead. It was at this level that I trusted the hammock however was second-guessing my inner-thigh power, so I did not go too far ahead since I needed to have the ability to stand again up afterwards. All stretched out and cozy with the hammock, it was time to fly.

Aerial Yoga Class Experience: Taking Flight

Our first of two “tips” concerned flipping the wrong way up into Reclining Angle pose. I nearly chickened out, however thankfully I knew that I used to be surrounded by different rookies and geared up with a robust teacher who may assist every of us. After waving Kristin over, it was time to flip. Surprisingly, what I as soon as thought was a mushy mild piece of cloth become a sturdy strap as I held the hammock taut at my low again. I put my belief in Kristin and the hammock, leaned again, and did not fall.

Floating above the mat in reclining angle pose I felt this aid from the pressures of gravity on my knees and low again. It nearly felt like I used to be a child on a swing. Once it was time to return up, I went from playful to feeling like I used to be doing an important crunch of my life to get myself proper facet up for Savasana. Savasana in a cocoon felt wonderful.

Even with the weightless feeling of gently swaying within the hammock, I could not totally loosen up. I stored peaking up on the ends of the hammock that had been hooked up to the ceiling simply to ensure nothing was coming unfastened. I used to be nervous that if I trusted it an excessive amount of, it might break and I might crash into the bottom. Maybe if I had taken my anxiousness medicine, I may’ve fallen asleep from how soothing the swaying felt.

Thoughts Having Done Aerial Yoga

All in all, seems the hammock that I assumed was a flimsy equipment was really one thing I may discover a little bit of consolation in. With the emotional journey that hour-long aerial yoga class was, will I do it once more? Yes! I’m really excited to sway in a hammock once more. Time to e book one other class.

Image Source: Courtesy of Power Plus Wellness / Elizabeth Hurtado

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