Increase mental fitness at the Horticulture Conference 2021

Growers are in an trade the place a lot is out of their management.  For instance, the climate, availability of labor, the worth paid for produce, and if the tractor’s bought a flat tire this morning. Jimi Hunt makes a speciality of psychological health and is talking on the Horticulture Conference 2021: Resilience and Recovery. 

“Resilience is such a buzz phrase however there’s a large distinction between resilience and psychological health,’ says Jimi.  ‘Resilience is about being robust, having the ability to be punched, knocked down, and in a position to get again up once more. But I’m not a fan of being punched. That is the place psychological health is available in.”

Jimi Hunt shall be talking on the 2021 Horticulture Conference

“With psychological health, you be taught to see the punches coming a mile off and like Muhammad Ali, be taught to dodge them so you aren’t there after they land. But it’s a must to be taught these expertise. You can’t simply get within the boxing ring and abruptly begin dodging each punch. It’s the identical with psychological health. There are some essential, sensible steps to grasp earlier than you even begin in your psychological health journey.”

The thrust of Jimi’s presentation on the Horticulture Conference 2021 shall be to show to growers the need and advantages of being proactive about taking care of psychological health and well being, and the advantages that come from that. 

“Just like bodily health, there isn’t any technique to teleport your self up the psychological health continuum.  But I shall be offering ideas and techniques to assist growers enhance psychological health over time, to allow them to dodge the punches after they come.”



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