10 Healthy Low-Carb Foods for Weight Loss

  • Some wholesome low-carb meals embrace salmon, eggs, beef, and watermelon. 
  • Eating low-carb meals might help you handle your weight and blood sugar.
  • A low-carb food plan is often one the place round 25% to 35% of your day by day energy come from carbs. 
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Low-carb meals have turn into extra sought-after as low-carb diets, like keto or Atkins, surge in reputation.

Most individuals strive low-carb diets as a method to

lose weight
or handle their blood sugar ranges, says Natalie Allen, RD, medical assistant professor of biomedical sciences at Missouri State University

Depending on how a lot you are limiting your carb consumption, a low-carb meals usually is something with lower than 15 carbohydrates per serving. So with that, listed here are some low-carb meals it’s possible you’ll wish to take into account including to your food plan. 

1. Olives

canned black olives

Black olives add a pleasant saltiness to dishes.


Olives are excessive in fats and iron, whereas additionally being low in carbohydrates. You can eat olives plain or add them to omelets, tacos, or salads. 

Five black olives contain:

  • 1.5 grams (g) of carbohydrates (0.55% DV)
  • 29 energy

2. Almonds

how to sleep better

Almonds are a scrumptious and straightforward low-carb snack.

Stephen Welstead/Getty Images

Almonds are loaded with fiber and

. Grab a handful to munch on as a snack or add them to a salad. 

One ounce of almonds contains:

  • 6 g of carbohydrates (2% DV)
  • 164 energy
  • 76 mg of magnesium (18% DV)

While almonds are larger in energy than different kinds of low-carb meals, their high-fiber content material retains you full for longer, which may end in weight loss.

In truth, a 2014 study discovered sufferers who ate a reduced-calorie food plan with 50 grams of almonds day by day misplaced extra weight over three months than members who ate a reduced-calorie food plan with out almonds. 

3. Cheese

string cheese keto

String cheese is a good low-carb snack for on-the-go.

bhofack2/ Getty Images

Cheese is a tasty low-carb possibility that may be eaten by itself or paired with meat or veggies. 

One slice of swiss cheese contains:

  • 0.2 g of carbohydrates (0% DV)
  • 43 energy
  • 97 mg of calcium (7% DV)

4. Green bell peppers

red green bell peppers

Try utilizing inexperienced peppers for a stuffed bell pepper meal.


Green bell peppers could be eaten plain or utilized in a wide range of recipes from sauces and soups to meatloaf and salads. Green bell peppers are additionally excessive in vitamin C, which helps support the immune system.

One inexperienced bell pepper accommodates:

  • 6 g of carbohydrates (2% DV)
  • 42 energy
  • 210 mg of vitamin C (233% of DV) 

5. Carrots

carrots roasted vegetables

Sprinkle carrots with olive oil and roast for a yummy facet dish.

boblin/Getty photographs

Raw carrots are crunchy, which can aid you really feel extra happy in comparison with softer meals and help you eat less overall. They make an excellent snack by themselves or they are often roasted and served as a facet dish with a meal. 

One cup of uncooked carrots contains:

  • 11 g of carbohydrates (4% DV)
  • 49 energy
  • 1,000 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin A (111% DV)

6. Beef

shrimp beef steak chicken fajitas onions peppers

Some of the best sources of protein embrace hen, shrimp, and beef.

Lew Robertson/Getty Inasges

Beef is filling and likewise loaded with iron, an essential mineral that helps your physique produce pink blood cells. Most lean meats include practically zero carbs. 

One cup of floor beef accommodates:

  • 0 g of carbohydrates (0% DV)
  • 325 energy
  • 3 mg of iron (16% DV)

7. Plain Greek yogurt

greek yogurt

Topping Greek yogurt with nuts makes a wholesome low-carb breakfast.

IGphotography/Getty Images

Plain greek yogurt is filled with each protein and calcium, Proctor says. Top it with berries for a dietary breakfast or put it in smoothies with frozen fruit and spinach.

One cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt contains:

  • 9.7 g of carbohydrates (3.5% DV)
  • 95 energy
  • 16 g of protein (26% DV)

8. Salmon


Salmon is excessive in wholesome omega-3 fatty acids.

gbh007/Getty Images

Salmon has basically no carbohydrates and is excessive in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which might improve your heart health

Grilled or oven-baked salmon makes an excellent lunch or dinner, or you should purchase smoked salmon on the retailer so as to add to salads.

Three ounces of salmon contains:

  • 0 grams of carbohydrates (0% DV)
  • 108 energy
  • 17 g of protein (28% DV)

9. Eggs

scrambled eggs

Eggs are excessive in protein.

billnoll/Getty Images

Eggs are a few of the most nutritious foods you’ll be able to eat they usually’re extremely versatile. Scramble them for breakfast or exhausting boil them to maintain within the fridge for snacks. 

One egg contains:

  • 0.5 g of carbohydrates (0% DV)
  • 78 energy
  • 6 g of protein, which is about 10% DV

10. Watermelon


Watermelon is excessive in fiber and water which might make it a filling snack.

Kevin Reid/ Getty Images

Watermelon is a well-liked summer season meals loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can eat it plain or add it to a salad with tomatoes and feta cheese for a enjoyable twist. 

One cup of watermelon contains:

  • 11.5 g of carbohydrates (4% DV)
  • 45 energy
  • 12 mg of vitamin C (13% to16% DV)

Insider’s takeaway 

Reducing your consumption of carbohydrates might aid you drop some weight and management blood sugar ranges, however a low-carb food plan could be tough to keep up long run, Allen says. 

Severely limiting your consumption of carbohydrates and avoiding sure meals with carbs, might also put you liable to not consuming sufficient nutritional vitamins and minerals since many fruits contain essential nutrients your body needs. Therefore, to find out what’s best for you, seek the advice of along with your physician earlier than starting any excessive food plan, low-carb or in any other case. 

While decreasing your consumption of carbohydrates might help you keep a wholesome weight, the keys to an total nutritious diet are moderation, selection, and steadiness, Allen says. Consider your portion sizes, degree of bodily exercise, and meals’s total dietary worth when selecting what to eat.

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