Dr Michael Mosley: How eccentric exercise could transform your fitness

Dr Michael Mosley: How eccentric exercise could transform your fitness

One of the perfect methods to get probably the most out of any exercise is to make it ‘eccentric’. You may assume that working up a hill is healthier for you than jogging down it, or that climbing a flight of stairs goes to problem your muscle mass greater than strolling down, however in truth, the alternative is true. It appears loopy, however that is the brand new science of ‘eccentric train’.

The identify comes from the truth that contracting your muscle mass (to climb stairs or carry weights) known as ‘concentric train’, however any work that goes into these muscle mass whereas they’re stretched and elongated (as you go downstairs or decrease the weights) is named ‘eccentric train’ (pronounced ‘ee-centric’).

Tony Kay is professor of biomechanics on the University of Northampton. He explains that every one types of train create microscopic harm to the muscle mass. This stimulates the discharge of hormones which set off your cells to rebuild that muscle stronger than earlier than. Concentric workout routines (comparable to bicep curls or squats) recruit and fatigue many various muscle fibres.

Although the eccentric a part of the train (as we decrease the load, or sink down right into a squat) recruits fewer fibres, it does so with a load that’s as much as 4 occasions greater. This, says Kay, creates far larger microscopic harm to these cells and fibres.

“The larger harm means the physique burns extra energy within the means of restore and restoration after the train has been carried out,” he says. “This raises the metabolic price and will increase power in a much more efficient manner than typical types of train.”

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In one examine, volunteers have been randomly allotted to strolling both up or down a set of stairs in a 10-storey constructing twice per week, and taking the carry within the different course. Both teams noticed well being enhancements, however the group who walked down rather than up the stairs ended up with greater improvements in resting heart rate (a dependable total measure of health). They additionally noticed a larger enchancment of their insulin sensitivity and blood fats ranges.

Plus, the group strolling down noticed larger enchancment in muscle perform and bone density than the group strolling up. In reality, the group doing what I might contemplate to be the simpler job improved their muscle power by 34 per cent – that’s twice as a lot as those that needed to stroll up the steps every time!

In addition, the group strolling down confirmed larger enhancements in a steadiness check, which might result in a decreased danger of falls and damage.

Another examine evaluating older adults doing conventional versus eccentric train discovered the eccentric group had a 38 per cent improvement in leg strength, in comparison with simply an 8 per cent enchancment within the conventional train group.

Other research have proven the benefits of eccentric exercise in young, healthy male footballers (who noticed dramatic will increase in power), in addition to in over-65s (who showed 30 to 50 per cent increases in strength and a ten per cent improve in muscle mass in simply six weeks). “The results are far, far larger than we’d anticipate from regular train,” concludes Kay.

This is de facto spectacular – and utterly counterintuitive. And it seems that any train that requires you to elongate your muscle mass beneath resistance may have the identical helpful impact, whether or not it’s working downhill or slowly reducing your self down right into a squat or a press-up.

The manner it really works is that when you’re taking place, the muscle mass in your legs or arms lengthen to sluggish the tempo of descent. Similarly, when you’re reducing a set of weights, the muscle mass lengthen and need to work more durable to guard your physique from harm.

Kay factors out that each yoga and pilates function poses which require you to slowly decrease your self, thereby inflicting an eccentric contraction, which is able to, he says, “improve flexibility, muscle mass, bone density and power”.

Done proper, not solely will eccentric workout routines hold you in fine condition, they may also assist your physique to burn energy after you’ve completed – extra so than a seemingly ‘more durable’ exercise. This could possibly be the metabolic secret that has been hiding in your exercise all alongside!

This extract was taken from Dr Michael Mosley’s new ebook, Just One Thing (£16.99, from Amazon UK and Waterstones), which relies on the BBC Radio 4 podcast of the same name. 

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