RTL Today – Comparing the sexes

RTL Today – Comparing the sexes
RTL Today – Comparing the sexes

In the third and ultimate a part of our collection, we check out the weight-reduction plan of Luxembourg’s women and men, in addition to what they rise up to of their free time.

All these statistics and extra are in Eurostat’s ‘The lifetime of men and women in Europe’ 2022 version. The interactive guide highlights variations within the lives of women and men throughout the EU and EFTA international locations.

Below, we have picked out key themes regarding Luxembourg, and in contrast these to the EU averages.

The first article in this series looked at living and ageing. The second part considered learning and earning, whereas this ultimate half seems at diet, sports activities and hobbies, and web utilization.

How we eat

Here’s a puzzle. Luxembourg’s residents, particularly its ladies, are notably wholesome. At least in the case of Body Mass Index (BMI). But their diets are moderately unhealthy, if one considers every day consumption of fruit and greens.

37.7% of the Grand Duchy’s ladies are labeled as chubby, that means they’ve a BMI of 25 or over. This compares to an EU common of 44.6%.

As for Luxembourg’s males, 56.5% are chubby. This is greater than in some international locations. In neighbouring France, for example, 50.5% of males are labeled as chubby. But nonetheless underneath the EU common, at 58.4%.

Percentage of adults who’re chubby (ladies are in orange, males in blue):

As for fruit and veg, Luxembourgers have some floor to make up. One third of Luxembourg’s males (33.1%) have between 1 and 4 parts of the stuff daily, effectively beneath the EU common of over half of males (51.2%).

Luxembourg’s ladies make greener selections, with 43.5% having between 1 and 4 parts of fruit and veg every day. This continues to be effectively beneath the EU common, although, which stands at 58%.

Drinking and smoking

Just over half of Luxembourg’s males (51.3%) and simply over a 3rd of its ladies (37.2%) take pleasure in a minimum of one alcoholic drink every week.

If this sounds low, it is in reality the alternative! Among all EU international locations, solely the Netherlands has the next frequency of weekly alcohol consumption.

Across the EU, 37.4% of males have an alcoholic beverage a minimum of as soon as every week, and 22.2% of males.

Note that the info is just not accessible for Finland, maybe as a result of they’re too busy having fun with a tipple of Salmiakki Koskenkorva?

Percentage of adults who’ve a minimum of one alcoholic drink every week (ladies are in orange, males in blue):

As for smoking, effectively, there’s not all that a lot of it truly. 13.4% of Luxembourg’s males smoke every day, in comparison with 9.9% of girls. Both figures are effectively beneath the EU common, at 24.3% and 15.8% respectively.

Europe’s high people who smoke are, for males, Bulgaria (39.2% mild up every day). For ladies, it is Hungary (22.6%).

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Sports and train

Luxembourgers are fairly lively, maybe explaining how they handle to remain in fine condition regardless of a weight-reduction plan low in fruit and greens.

48.4% of Luxembourg’s males spend a minimum of two and a half hours on sports activities and train exterior of labor per week. That’s effectively above the EU common of 37.3%.

Women are a bit much less lively, with 41.3% of them spending a minimum of two and a half hours on bodily exercise. Again, although, this punches effectively above the EU common of 28.5%.

As for why ladies are more healthy regardless of understanding much less, possibly it is as a result of higher weight-reduction plan (see above)? I am unable to communicate for all males, however the attraction of a kebab does appear to rise significantly after a run.

Or maybe as a result of decrease alcohol consumption. Again, beer adopted by a kebab is an all-too-appealing proposition.

Percentage of adults spending 2.5 hours or extra per week on sports activities and non-work-related bodily actions (ladies in orange, males in blue):

Internet utilization

What do Luxembourg residents rise up to on the web? (PG solutions solely please!)

Eurostat went to the difficulty of asking this query in international locations throughout the EU, surveying men and women between the ages of 16 and 74.

For ladies in Luxembourg, the highest actions (excluding on-line buying) have been:

1. Sending emails – 83% (EU: 85%)

2. Telephoning or video calling – 72% (EU: 75%)

3. Internet banking – 71% (EU: 64%)

4. Reading the information – 69% (EU: 71%)

5. Participating in social networks – 63% (EU: 66%)

6. Seeking well being info – 59% (EU: 68%)

Aside from web banking, then, ladies in Luxembourg use the web barely much less ceaselessly for communication, socialising, well being and information than the EU common.

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For males in Luxembourg (once more excluding on-line buying), the highest actions have been:

1. Sending emails – 86% (EU: 86%)

=2. Reading the information – 73% (EU: 74%)

=2. Internet banking – 73% (EU: 67%)

3. Telephoning or video calling – 69% (EU: 71%)

4. Participating in social networks – 63% (EU: 62%)

5. Seeking well being info – 51% (EU: 56%)

Apart from banking on-line greater than the EU common, and in search of well being info rather less, the remainder of the figures are broadly in step with the bloc as an entire. Compared to Luxembourg’s ladies, although, males on-line are much less social, and spend extra time sending emails and studying the information.

Online buying

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Luxembourg’s residents additionally love to buy on-line. We saved this separate as Eurostat have a treasure trove of information, but when included within the tables above on-line buying could be Luxembourg’s second hottest on-line exercise – for each ladies (Luxembourg: 81%; EU: 74%) and males (Luxembourg: 84%; EU: 75%).

But what are we shopping for?

Again, there are variations between the sexes. Let’s check out the highest classes. The survey seems at what number of men and women ordered classes of things within the three months previous to being requested.

For ladies, the highest classes are:

1. Clothes and sneakers – 47% (EU: 49%)

2. Booking lodging – 26% (EU: 10%)

3. Streaming movies and TV – 19% (EU: 18%)

4. Tickets for occasions – 16% (EU: 6%)

5. Sports items – 10% (EU: 13%)

6. Electronics or home equipment – 9% (EU: 8%)

And for males:

1. Clothes and sneakers – 33% (EU: 37%)

2. Streaming movies and TV – 28% (EU: 21%)

3. Booking lodging – 24% (EU: 10%)

4. Electronics or home equipment – 20% (EU: 15%)

5. Tickets for occasions – 16% (EU: 5%)

6. Sports items – 15% (EU: 17%)

So what does this reveal about Luxembourgers buying habits?

Fitting with the gender stereotypes, Luxembourg’s ladies usually tend to purchase garments and sneakers on-line than the lads. While Luxembourg’s males usually tend to buy devices.

What is extra hanging, although, is how each examine to the EU averages. Luxembourg’s residents are more likely to have booked lodging or tickets for occasions. That suggests they are not (solely) caught up in materials issues, but additionally prefer to get out and about!

So each Luxembourg women and men drink ceaselessly, smoke sometimes, and are not too eager on the fruit and veg. But nonetheless keep wholesome weight, maybe as a consequence of being fairly lively in the case of sports activities and train.

And whereas their web utilization is broadly in step with the EU common, the exception is buying. Yes, Luxembourgers are large spenders, however plenty of that cash is gone on supporting tourism and tradition – each at dwelling and overseas.


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