Could the lion diet transform YOUR health?

Could the lion diet transform YOUR health?
Could the lion diet transform YOUR health?

People are difficult themselves on social media to devour nothing however meat, salt and water for 30 days in a restrictive meal plan dubbed ‘The Lion Diet’. 

TikTok customers from around the globe are posting their progress when making an attempt out the controversial food regimen, which sees them chowing down on nothing however meat for 30 days. 

In some circumstances individuals have posted movies of themselves consuming uncooked meat, akin to liver, claiming it could possibly assist with points akin to complications, dangerous pores and skin and allergic reactions and steadiness their moods. 

TikTok person @roryskitchen from Brisbane who suffers from a myraid of allergic reactions and determined to provide the food regimen a strive – filming his progress. 


Been reacting to most meals these days so I attempted The Lion Diet for twenty-four hrs… It’s a modified model of the Carnivore Diet and basically an excessive elimination food regimen the place you eat solely ruminant meat 🥩 (like lamb, beef and many others), drink solely water 💦 (glowing water for the highest G’s) and season with solely salt🧂. I stored seeing clips of @mikhailapeterson and Jordan B Peterson floating round on my FYP, Reels & Shorts speaking about how they healed persistent auto-immune circumstances consuming this fashion. As somebody who has autoimmune signs I believed I’d give it a go. Safe to say I’ve felt higher than I’ve in a very long time! I’ll be embarking on a 30 day model of this quickly however with a stronger give attention to meat shares (it’s known as the GAPS Diet) so I can begin therapeutic my intestine… so pls comply with if u wish to see the outcomes of that. Also I’m not a health care provider only a dude making movies sharin me journey. DYO analysis and many others. #theliondiet #carnivorediet #carnivoremd #liondiet #mikhailapeterson #jordanbpeterson #gapsdiet #gutandpsychologysyndrome #guthealing

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People throughout TikTok have been making an attempt the Lion Diet together with this girl tucking into uncooked meat, featured on an Australian influencer’s account 

He went to the butcher to choose up some grass-fed steak and was seen consuming salt- seasoned mince each day. 

At first he stated he had the ‘greatest night time of sleep’ however quickly started to really feel unwell getting into his second week of the food regimen. 

After some time, Rory started to note ‘his pores and skin appeared higher’ and he was extra ‘common’ going to the lavatory – nonetheless he did really feel upset watching his household eat one thing apart from beef. 

Medical web site Healthline says of the food regimen: ‘The Lion Diet is a food regimen that anecdotal sources declare may also help rework your life and enhance your well being.

Rory, who is on day 20 of the Lion Diet says he is more 'regular', has improved skin and has slept well , however he did notice the first two weeks were difficult and suffered headaches

Rory, who’s on day 20 of the Lion Diet says he’s extra ‘common’, has improved pores and skin and has slept properly , nonetheless he did discover the primary two weeks have been tough and suffered complications 

Rory is eating beef, salt and drinking water for 30 days to see if his allergy and gut issues clear up

Rory is consuming beef, salt and ingesting water for 30 days to see if his allergy and intestine points clear up

‘Followers of the Lion Diet have reported a protracted record of advantages related to the food regimen, together with decreased irritation, enhancements in temper, and aid from points like complications, insomnia, and allergic reactions.

‘However, others have dismissed the plan as unsustainable, unhealthy, and ineffective, noting that it’s overly restrictive and excessive.’

Coined by TedEx speaker and Canadian podcaster Mikhaila Peterson in 2018, she’s touted the food regimen as a ‘cure-all’ for fatigue, intolerances and intestine points. 

The mother-of-one started the Lion Diet in 2016, and has by no means appeared again since, inspiring individuals worldwide to comply with in her footsteps and eat nothing however beef merchandise, together with steak and mince, sea salt and plain water for six weeks.

Mikhaila Peterson, 28 is a TedEx speaker, podcaster and mother of one who suffered with health issues such as juvenile arthritis since the age of seven, she has made a miraculous recovery by stumbling upon the now well-known Lion Diet by accident, after cutting out food groups following health problems

Mikhaila Peterson, 28 is a TedEx speaker, podcaster and mom of 1 who suffered with well being points akin to juvenile arthritis because the age of seven, she has made a miraculous restoration by stumbling upon the now well-known Lion Diet by chance, after reducing out meals teams following well being issues

Rory stocked up on grass-fed steak from his local butcher, and will be adding mince and liver to his diet

Rory stocked up on grass-fed steak from his native butcher, and will probably be including mince and liver to his food regimen 

The carb-free meal plan may be likened to the Keto food regimen, which depends on the physique going right into a state of ketosis (hunger) with the intention to shed some pounds, as a result of power from slow-release carbs is not obtainable, the physique makes use of power from meals rapidly and turns into hungry, producing ketones. 

What are the meals you’ll be able to and may’t eat on the Lion Diet? 


  • Meat from ruminant animals, together with beef, lamb, goat, bison, and deer
  • Salt
  • Water


  • Fruits: apples, peaches, plums, berries, melons, pears, bananas
  • Vegetables: potatoes, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, mushrooms
  • Grains: bread, pasta, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, rice
  • Legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, cashews
  • Seeds: chia seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Dairy merchandise: milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, butter
  • Meat from nonruminant animals: bacon, ham, pork chops, rabbit meat
  • Poultry: hen, turkey, duck, goose
  • Seafood: salmon, trout, anchovies, mackerel, shrimp, oysters, lobster
  • Fats: olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, avocado oil, margarine
  • Beverages: espresso, tea, soda, juice, beer, wine

Mikhaila, 28, was identified with a uncommon type of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at simply seven-years-old and was prescribed immunosuppressants. 

From the age of 12, the entrepreneur was prescribed SSRI medicine for despair and continued utilizing them till her mid twenties. She was additionally prescribed stimulant medicine Adderall, often used for ADHD, at age 14 after struggling persistent fatigue.

She describes herself as ‘past depressing’ attributable to ongoing well being points that took over her life.  

At 17 she underwent two joint replacements in her hip and ankle for the arthritis, however was continued on medicine by her docs. 

The TedEx speaker instructed FEMAIL: ‘I could not get up, the despair was the worst out of every part. 

‘It took me a very long time to begin taking food regimen significantly, however I began researching the carnivore food regimen and finally gave it a go.’

At age 23, Mikhaila determined to strive a meat- based mostly food regimen which is usually known as the ‘carnivore food regimen’ or the paleo food regimen, consisting of beef merchandise together with offal akin to liver, steak and mince with sea salt and water.   

She defined: ‘I went on a really restrictive paleo food regimen – largely meat, greens, and a few root greens, and by September of 2015, most of my signs had gone away.

‘It was insane. A month into the tremendous restrictive paleo food regimen and I felt method higher and began getting off of medicines. 

‘In December 2015 I finished taking my SSRI for the primary time in years, the withdrawal made me delicate to sure meals.’

In 2016, on the age of 23, Mikhaila fell pregnant and her persistent fatigue signs and despair got here again – which led her to determine to chop out much more meals teams.

A meal for Mikhaila. In 2016, at the age of 23, Mikhaila fell pregnant and her chronic fatigue symptoms and depression came back - which led her to decide to cut out even more food groups and stick to beef

A meal for Mikhaila. In 2016, on the age of 23, Mikhaila fell pregnant and her persistent fatigue signs and despair got here again – which led her to determine to chop out much more meals teams and persist with beef

A meaty snack. The 28-year-old's family has also joined her on the Lion Diet, and according to Mikhaila 'nobody has vitamin deficiencies'

A meaty snack. The 28-year-old’s household has additionally joined her on the Lion Diet, and in keeping with Mikhaila ‘no one has vitamin deficiencies’

After having her daughter in December 2017 Mikhaila determined to stay to a beef based mostly food regimen, and eradicated most meals teams in an act of ‘desperation’, miraculously after a couple of months she observed a lot of her signs started to vanish. 

Is the Lion Diet protected?

Healthline says: One of the primary problems with the Lion Diet is that it’s restrictive, missing nutritional vitamins and minerals.

The food regimen can also be very low in energy. Decreasing your calorie consumption an excessive amount of could cause critical uncomfortable side effects, together with fatigue, complications, nausea, and dizziness.

Experts argue followers of such an consuming routine miss out on fibre, antioxidants and nutritional vitamins. Lacking in these vitamins can have an effect on an individual’s immunity, digestion, circulation and cognitive operate.

Eliminating many of the main meals teams does trigger many carnivore dieters to shed some pounds, nonetheless, it could possibly additionally result in constipation.

Although analysis has proven that our primal ancestors could have eaten an identical sort of food regimen to the paleo food regimen, or solely had meat for a sure time period – it could possibly enhance threat of Glycogen and water loss.

These uncomfortable side effects are identified to be elements within the preliminary weight discount on low carb-type diets akin to paleo, carnivore and keto diets.  

Due to meat being wealthy in protein and fats, many followers declare they really feel fuller for longer, though they’re lacking out on important vitamins.

Experts declare followers of such a food regimen could initially really feel higher attributable to them reducing out sugar and processed meals. Yet such consuming plans are sometimes unsustainable, inflicting dieters to really feel pissed off and defeated.

Among those that take it one step additional and eat uncooked crimson meat, they’re placing themselves prone to meals poisoning in the event that they turn into contaminated with micro organism like Salmonella.

Some consultants have warned in opposition to the meat-only food regimen, with extreme quantities of crimson meat beforehand linked to bowel most cancers.

The NHS states: ‘Red meat – akin to beef, lamb and pork – is an efficient supply of protein, nutritional vitamins and minerals, and may kind a part of a balanced food regimen. But consuming a number of crimson and processed meat most likely will increase your threat of bowel (colorectal) most cancers.

‘That’s why it is advisable that individuals who eat greater than 90g (cooked weight) of crimson and processed meat per day reduce right down to 70g, as this might assist cut back your threat of bowel most cancers.’


‘I knew I had gotten rid of all my signs with food regimen so desperately hoped food regimen might nonetheless be the reply,’ the mom recalled. 

‘After I had my daughter and 5 months into breastfeeding her, I reduce my food regimen again to only consuming beef, out of desperation actually. 

‘I did not suppose I used to be reacting to beef and did not know what I used to be reacting to in order that appeared like a superb place to begin. 

‘Two weeks into the food regimen my joints felt higher and I finished crying within the morning. 

‘Six weeks in my pretty extreme despair went away, and 5 months within the nervousness/leftover antidepressant withdrawal went away.’

She has now been on the food regimen for 5 years and based her personal web site the place she tells her story to others within the hope of serving to them treatment persistent ache and fatigue. 

The mother-of-one stated that folks embarking on the elimination meal plan can discover the primary three weeks ‘somewhat tough’ as their physique adjusts to the adjustments. 

Mikhaila stated: ‘You get insane meals cravings for something apart from meat, and if you’re immunocompromised I like to recommend rising the sodium (salt) consumption to maintain your electrolytes balanced. 

‘Most individuals really feel higher after six weeks.’ 

The 28-year-old’s household has additionally joined her on the Lion Diet, and in keeping with Mikhaila ‘no one has vitamin deficiencies’. 

She added: ‘My mom’s Lupus is stored in test and my father’s despair and psoriasis has been helped by it too, everyone seems to be wholesome and no one has vitamin deficiencies.’ 

Social media followers are typically doing a ’30 day problem’ however the founder says that six weeks is the perfect timespan to see a noticeable distinction. 

‘Usually slightly than 30 days I like to recommend six weeks. It is dependent upon the individual, however typically talking individuals are much less hungry, have extra power, have a way more secure temper, and see their autoimmune signs drastically reduce or go away solely. 

‘People are capable of get off of psych meds with a lot decreased and generally fully eradicated withdrawal. Also there’s a number of weight reduction,’ she defined,

‘This food regimen removes potential allergens and permits the intestine to heal, with the aim of slowly reintroducing meals again in after.’

TikTok customers are consuming primarily beef however the food regimen permits for a bit extra variation. 

You can have any ‘ruminant animal’ which suggests an animal that has is a herbivore, consuming solely grass and vegetation – akin to cows, lamb and deer.

Mikhaila stated:’Lamb, beef, bison, elk, and many others. however excessive fats, not lean cuts, that is essential – in order that it is a plant free ketogenic food regimen. 

‘Otherwise individuals get too hungry. Liver is elective, eat it in order for you however there is not any want to purchase liver dietary supplements or something, and customarily I inform individuals to eat a number of salt however some individuals do not use salt after they’re on the food regimen for some time.’

The podcaster and mom of 1 needs that science would ‘take the food regimen extra significantly’ and hopes that research will probably be completed to check its effectiveness in sufferers with intolerances and despair. 

She instructed FEMAIL: ‘It can be nice if some scientists might take this significantly and run a big research monitoring illness over a interval of a minimum of six weeks to a few months utilizing the food regimen. 

Rory found he craved what his family was eating after days of steak and beef, but stuck to the plan

Rory discovered he craved what his household was consuming after days of steak and beef, however caught to the plan

‘It’s labored for tens of 1000’s of individuals, so I assume in some unspecified time in the future that can occur. But if I had modified my food regimen earlier I’d nonetheless have a hip and ankle. That’s why I share the data, not as a result of I become profitable from it, as a result of I do not. 

‘I’ve a full time job and a podcast that has nothing to do with the food regimen.

‘The food regimen isn’t straightforward in any respect. It’s socially isolating which is why I created the Facebook group. It’s terrifying taking your well being into your individual fingers. 

‘The individuals who go on this food regimen have completed every part they will with a medical system that failed them. Having it not ridiculed can be good, it helps lots of people.’


The Keto food regimen may also help stop Alzheimer’s, and a host of age related diseases  

Keto burns a number of instances more fat than the standard diet. 

The paleo food regimen might prevent from having a heart attack, and could reduce the risk by 25 per cent

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