On Nutrition: Readers’ remarks – LimaOhio.com

On Nutrition: Readers’ remarks – LimaOhio.com

Glad to listen to from two Arizona readers this week:

“Good morning, Barbara. As a vegan who eats fish (pescatarian), I learn with curiosity your column on beans. I do know that beans are good for me, however I don’t like them. So I substitute tofu for beans in my stir fries and salads. Do you suppose it’s OK to interchange beans with tofu, which in any case, comes from soybeans? I do know the Japanese are the longest-living nationality on this planet, they usually eat lots of soy merchandise. Would be very involved in your opinion right here, and I thanks. — Dave in Tucson”

You’re proper, Dave, tofu is created from soybeans. And you’re additionally appropriate that Japan boasts one of many world’s longest life expectations (behind Hong Kong).

Tofu and dried beans resembling pinto, purple and black beans are considerably totally different in dietary worth, nonetheless. That has to do with the method of constructing tofu, which has similarities to how cheese is made. In reality, some name tofu the “cheese of Asia.”

Soybeans are soaked in water, crushed after which cooked. Then the milky a part of the combination is separated from the pulp (fiber) a part of the beans, thickened into curds and pressed into molds.

That means tofu could be very low in dietary fiber, whereas beans are rock stars on this class. Yet each tofu and beans are excellent sources of protein. These are explanation why tofu is taken into account a protein meals whereas beans make the reduce as a protein in addition to a vegetable.

Here are extra comparisons: Ounce for ounce, tofu gives fewer energy than cooked beans. Beans are increased in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, whereas tofu is increased in fats (an excellent fats). And if you happen to select a tofu processed with calcium sulfate or calcium chloride, it’s going to present extra calcium than beans.

Both merchandise are good sources of blood-building iron. Yet beans take the prize for folate, a B-vitamin that protects the center, in addition to potassium, a mineral that helps management blood stress. Folate and potassium are plentiful in plant-based meals, nonetheless. So this will not be a difficulty along with your present food plan.

So, sure, although the vitamins in these meals are usually not precisely the identical, you could have picked a really affordable substitute along with your present consuming fashion.

Marie in Tucson writes: “Happen to see your column re: utilizing leftovers. Here’s what I make with them … REFRIGERATOR SOUP. Take meat/vegetable/pasta leftovers — cube into small chunks. Put in meals processor and grind. Add both water or broth to cowl and grind once more. Adjust seasonings. Sometimes I’ve a number of parts, so every time I’d add one other spice or cream.”

Instant soup! I find it irresistible. Especially if you happen to serve it heat.

Barbara Quinn-Intermill is a registered dietitian and authorized diabetes educator affiliated with Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. She is the writer of “Quinn-Essential Nutrition” (Westbow Press, 2015). Email her at to [email protected]


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