Let us consider facts when making nutrition decisions

Let us consider facts when making nutrition decisions

My beloved spouse, Marsha, and I agree on practically every thing. 

Everything besides lettuce. 

I favor the cool, crisp style and sweetness of iceberg lettuce. It requires little preparation time, because the inside leaves are good and clear, protected as they’re by the outer leaves. Also, it is vitally straightforward to smack the pinnacle of lettuce on the countertop to liberate the stalky core, which is well pulled out. 

She prefers the darker inexperienced, extra bitter and much-more-difficult-to-prepare Romaine lettuce. 

Some who’re studying this may increasingly say that I’ve deliberately biased the arguments in favor of iceberg lettuce. Of course I’ve. 

Marsha’s argument has been extracted from the quite a few articles she has learn in well being and vitamin magazines and web sites. Plain and easy: Romaine lettuce has extra vitamins than does iceberg. 

Romaine lettuce is healthier for you. 

We eat loads of inexperienced salads and BLTs. 

Even so, let’s lay out some knowledge which I’ll make up out of skinny air. 

After all, making up your individual knowledge is an effective way to win an argument. As Will Rogers mentioned, “It isn’t what we don’t know that provides us bother, it’s what we all know that ain’t so.”  

“Get your info first,” mentioned Mark Twain. “Then you’ll be able to distort them as you please.” 

Given these two bits of knowledge, I pledge to you that the info I make up out of skinny air can be a few of the most interesting faux info you’ve ever encountered. 

Here goes. Exactly 0.5% of the vitamins I take up from my meals comes from lettuce. 

Romaine lettuce has 14% extra vitamins than does iceberg lettuce. 

Doing the mathematics, because of this if I solely change to Romaine versus solely consuming iceberg, I can be a smidgen extra nutrient-rich than earlier than. A smidgen is outlined as diddly squat.

The drawback is that Marsha does extra of the procuring than do I. Since I’m busy making up info, I’ll add that even after we go grocery procuring collectively, she makes extra of the lettucey selections than I do. 

This implies that over the course of a 12 months, we find yourself with 84.8% ragged bunches of soiled, bitter Romaine lettuce in our fridge and solely 15.2% iceberg. 

I counter this by slipping a head of cabbage into the cart. 

I like coleslaw. Lots. 

My Grandfather Whitehouse and my father had been of like thoughts when it got here to coleslaw. This proves past query that fondness for coleslaw is genetic in 93.4% of the instances studied. 

Here’s a indisputable fact: Cabbage has extra vitamins than lettuce. 

This is actually, actually excellent news. It implies that as long as I eat cabbage whereas being disadvantaged of iceberg lettuce in favor of Romaine, I cannot succumb to rickets, scurvy, goiter, beriberi or iron deficiency anemia. (Please word that I’m not a medical physician, so in the event you depend on this dietary standpoint, you could face sure loss of life by average to extreme beriberi.) 

On uncommon events when consuming out, simply to maintain my universe in stability, I order a wedge salad, which merely described is a large quarter-of-a-head of iceberg lettuce sprinkled with bacon bits, some blue cheese crumbles, and bleu cheese dressing. 

Note that I’ve used two completely different spellings — English “blue” and French “bleu.” This provides nice credibility to manufactured knowledge, don’t you already know? Abraham Lincoln mentioned that. 

Jim Whitehouse lives in Albion.


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