The depth of the summer time and the lengthy hours of fasting may be draining, and the physique has its methods of letting you realize when it’s in want of water. Lethargy begins to set in, vitality ranges deplete and a lips and the tongue begin to really feel excessively and annoyingly dry. Chugging glass after glass of water is probably not probably the most sensible factor to do however there are methods by which you’ll hydrate with out having to eat water, and that’s why selecting meals with substantial water content material.

Drink milk

This re-hydrator is definitely an ideal substitute for water. Have a bowl of cereal after iftar with some milk.

Say no to salty treats

A weight loss program primarily based round processed, salty meals can actually dehydrate your physique, which your physique would not want. Our our bodies normally solely want a small day by day dose of salt, which we will get naturally from veggies and a few fruits. So attempt to skip the fried meals and the cheat meal (which let’s be trustworthy, you’ve gotten day-after-day) and make higher decisions. Instead have some coconut water, apple slices or some child carrots.

Wash your face twice a day

And no extra. Over-washing your face can result in drying your pores and skin out and never the opposite means round, which is a somewhat widespread false impression. Washing your face doesn’t basically hydrate the pores and skin nevertheless it may end up in stripping your pores and skin of important oils and may additional de-hydrate your pores and skin. Remember to moisturise after you wash your face although.

Chugging to hydrate

Really, chugging down glass after glass shouldn’t be the trick and it doesn’t assist. When it involves correct rehydration, a gastrointestinal, vascular and basic surgeon, advises, “You ought to sip water slowly, two to a few ounces at a time, all through the day. If you drink too quick, you danger diluting your blood, which can trigger quicker excretion of water by the kidneys.” Or in layman’s phrases, in case you drink water too shortly, it should trigger your physique to expel most of it as urine, which could have the impact of slowing the hydration course of, i.e., the other of what you needed to occur. There actually is such a factor as water intoxication, recognized to docs as hyponatremia. It all boils right down to sodium ranges: “One of sodium’s jobs is to steadiness the fluids in and round your cells. Drinking an excessive amount of water causes an imbalance, and the liquid strikes out of your blood to inside your cells, making them swell.” In the case of your mind cells, that’s significantly unhealthy information. Admittedly, you’d need to chug a whole lot of H2O for this to occur. To be actual, it will require consuming not less than a gallon of water throughout the span of only a few hours for signs of hyponatremia to happen and in excessive instances (learn: extreeeeeme), this has additionally resulted in fatalities.


It’s a no brainer. Tea is 100 per cent water, however flavoured with herbs. Try to not add sugar, so you possibly can get pleasure from the advantages. Herbal teas are greatest.


Soup is an important starter at any iftar desk. If you’ve gotten the choice, select a transparent soup somewhat than a creamy one and begin your meal with a pleasant sizzling bowl. It’s an effective way to spice up your water consumption and vitality ranges and can hold your physique stuffed with water.


Pick some fruit with excessive water content material corresponding to oranges, watermelon, apples, pineapples, and peaches and make a smoothie! Instead of including yogurt or milk, strive including water and a few ice as a substitute.


Although it’s nutritionally fairly ineffective, the Iceberg lettuce comprises 96 per cent water, and is a good addition to any salad if you wish to re-hydrate. So in case you aren’t a soup particular person, break your quick with a tasty salad as a substitute. Add some cucumbers and tomatoes to actually increase water ranges.


A watermelon is made up of 92 per cent water, and eight per cent fruit. The fluids which are discovered within the watermelon embrace salt, calcium and magnesium, that is every little thing your physique wants after fasting all day. To add a twist, serve with a lemon juice dressing and feta cheese.


Yes, you learn that proper. Make positive you moisturise your pores and skin to maintain it trying contemporary and hydrated within the morning. The greatest time to do that can be proper after stepping out of your morning bathe after which as soon as once more earlier than going to sleep. If you need to be exterior, sunscreen is important to maintain the moisture locked in.

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