FITNESS: You can avoid nasty foot and heel pains

With Paudie O’Donovan

PLANTAR fasciitis is among the most typical causes of foot and heel ache.

The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes. It helps the arch of your foot. When you pressure your plantar fascia, it will get weak, swollen and turns into infected.

The ache may be in any a part of the ligament from simply behind the toes, proper again to the heel the place it meets the Achilles tendon and attaches on to the calcanea bone.

The ache is sort of a fixed ache or a bruise sensation. It tends to progressively go away as soon as you start strolling round.

You don’t should be a runner or exercising intensively to get it, both. In reality train will strengthen up the plantar fascia ligament and doubtless assist stop it.

In my opinion it’s people who find themselves on their toes all day, who do plenty of strolling of their job or somebody standing in a manufacturing facility that suffer from the situation.

One actual symptom of this situation is irritating ache if you put weight in your toes within the morning.

There are plenty of causes of this painful situation however the prime ones are:

• Poor arch help

• Standing on delicate soles with poor help

• Tight calf muscle tissues

  Overuse of your Achillies tendon

Getting rid of plantar fasciitis may be gradual and difficult. It could be a lengthy gradual progress however for my part these may help: 

• Deep tissue work from a superb therapeutic massage therapist

• Icing

• Rest

• Wear footwear with good cushioning, good absorption and the correct arch help

  A very good stretching routine of the plantar ligament for 6-10 weeks

  Wear footwear as quickly as you stand away from bed.


Paudie O’Donovan is a  Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

specialising in ache aid and enchancment of mobility/flexibility.

He runs a Sports Injury Clinic in Skibbereen

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