How to Do the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Fitness Challenge and Modify It to Your Ability

How to Do the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Fitness Challenge and Modify It to Your Ability

You can do the “Bring Sally Up” problem as a warm-up or as its personal exercise and scale it to your health stage.

CrossFit might have popularized No Bull tanks and Reebok Nano footwear, however the checklist of CrossFit customs which have bled past field partitions would not finish there.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a typical CrossFit warm-up, generally known as the “Bring Sally Up” problem, has steadily gained traction amongst ​all​ forms of exercisers. With the hashtag #BringSallyUp racking up over 98 million views on TikTok, the virility of the problem reveals no indicators of slowing down.

But what does the “Bring Sally Up” problem entail and the way do CrossFit trainers use it to enhance their athletes’ bodily preparedness and efficiency? Here, health specialists clarify the problem and share what it may (and can’t) do for the typical exerciser.

The ‘Bring Sally Up’ Challenge, Explained

The “Bring Sally Up” problem requires one factor: entry to the 2000’s tune Flower​ by Moby. (Plus, both a speaker or headphones so that you benefit from the tune).

If you have by no means performed the bop earlier than, the lyrics repeat the phrase “carry Sally up, carry Sally down” again and again all through its 3.5-minute period. The exercise problem includes transferring in tandem with these lyrics. Specifically, you are purported to execute the concentric portion (“up” part) of a motion when the tune says “up” after which carry out the eccentric portion of a motion (“down” part) when the artist says “down.”

Typically, the problem is accomplished with body-weight actions, comparable to push-ups or air squats, which your CrossFit coach (otherwise you, for those who’re figuring out by yourself) chooses primarily based on which muscle tissues you want to “get up” for the programmed power work or metabolic conditioning.

If you are doing the problem with push-ups, as an example, you may stay in excessive plank place when Moby says “up” and decrease right down to the ground when Moby says “down.” If you are doing the problem with air squats, you stand on “up” and squat on “down.”

The directions are straightforward sufficient, however the problem is something however. As the reps accumulate, your muscle tissues will really feel the burn. And as a result of there may be typically a multi-second pause between when Moby instructs you to “carry Sally up” and when he tells you to “carry Sally down,” you may be compelled to carry an isometric (or static) maintain on the high or backside of the rep for a number of seconds at a time.

The Benefits of ‘The Bring Sally Up’ Challenge

CrossFit trainers primarily use the “Bring Sally Up” problem as a part of a warm-up to arrange class attendees for the upcoming exercise of the day — and Jake Harcoff, CSCS, CISSN, head coach and proprietor of AIM Athletic says it does that successfully.

“The tune and corresponding protocol offers motion, and completed all over, this problem will improve blood circulation in our our bodies and due to this fact is an effective basic warm-up,” he tells

In addition to rising your core physique temperature, the rise in blood circulation additionally will increase the oxygen and vitamins getting carried to our cells, notes registered dietitian and licensed power and conditioning Reda Elmardi RD, CSCS, founding father of The Gym Goat, an internet wellness web site.

“As blood flows via our our bodies, it carries oxygen and vitamins to cells and removes carbon dioxide and waste merchandise,” he tells “This means extra oxygen and vitamins are delivered to muscle tissues and organs, which gas our actions.”

Warming up previous to exercising is non-negotiable, based on Harcoff. By rising the circulation of blood in our our bodies and rising inside physique temperature, “warming up additionally helps our muscle fibers contract extra successfully,” he says.

In reality, dynamic warm-ups — warm-ups that contain taking your muscle tissues via their full vary of movement — enhance muscle power and suppleness, based on an April 2012 research in ​The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The proven fact that the problem incorporates isometric holds might supply further profit to your physique. A second research printed in ​The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research​ appeared particularly on the impact of isometric holds forward of train. The researchers put baseball and softball gamers via an isometric warm-up forward of video games and located that upper-body isometric holds provided a “important” enchancment on bat velocity.

These findings recommend that isometric holds, which make an look within the “Bring Sally Up” problem, might have the facility to extend energy output — one thing energy athletes, like Olympic lifters particularly, might profit from.

Factors to Consider When Doing the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Challenge

A possible draw back of utilizing the “Bring Sally Up” problem as a warm-up is that, relying in your present health stage and the way you scale the actions within the tune, it might truly work your muscle tissues ​extra​ than a warm-up is meant to.

“It’s attainable that doing the warm-up to completion will pre-fatigue the meant muscle group, slightly than put together them for what’s to return,” Harcoff says.

The end result: You will not be capable to carry out throughout the principle portion of your exercise, he says. For instance, for a brand new or intermediate lifter doing “Bring Sally Up” with push-ups earlier than bench urgent, it might intervene with their capability to bench as many plates. Not ideally suited!

Another factor to contemplate when doing “Bring Sally Up” is the precise strikes that may seem in your subsequent exercise.

“The best warm-up contains the motion — or actions — which might be going to be completed within the exercise you’re warming up for,” Harcoff says.

If you are going to shoulder press, for instance, the best way to arrange is by shoulder urgent, and likewise if you are going to deadlift the very best warm-up would incorporate lower-body hinge train or two.

But, “generally, individuals are not spending any time warming up in any respect,” Harcoff says. So if doing a problem like that is the one approach you possibly can persuade your self to heat up, he says have at it. Plus, whereas push-ups and air squats are widespread strikes for “Bring Sally Up,” you possibly can nonetheless carry out the problem with different workouts that mirror what you may be doing in your fundamental exercise.

Turn the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Challenge into Its Own Workout

As the problem has moved past the partitions of CrossFit associates, its fundamental intention has morphed. These days, slightly than getting used to heat individuals up for his or her subsequent exercise, individuals — particularly FitTokkers — are utilizing the tune ​as​ their exercise. Usually, to check (and exhibit) their push-up prowess and stamina.

So, if the “Bring Sally Up” problem feels extra like a exercise than a warm-up to you, then use it as your exercise! If you determine to do push-ups together with the tune, Elmardi says that there is not any doubt that doing this problem a number of days every week will slowly construct up your push-up capability.

It’s price noting you can even use the problem as a burner on the finish of your exercise.

Modify the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Challenge to Your Ability

Harcoff recommends selecting a variation of a motion you are able to do safely and with good kind all through the jam.

“If you’re getting gassed or maxing out in your warm-up, you’re hurting your capability to carry out once you get to your fundamental lifts,” he says.

So for those who really feel fatigued slightly than refreshed after the tune, he suggests scaling the problem.

One choice could be to do a repetition each different time Moby says “carry Sally up, carry Sally down,” successfully slicing the work in half. Another choice is to scale the motion you are doing the problem with, Harcoff suggests. Rather than doing push-ups, for instance, you would do wall push-ups or knee push-ups, which faucet into much less muscular power. Similarly, slightly than doing weighted goblet squats, you would do unweighted air squats.

“You might additionally simply do a portion of the tune to begin and work your approach as much as finishing your entire factor as you get stronger and fitter,” he says.

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