Be Fit Cafe near Powell shows flavor, nutrition go hand-in-hand

Be Fit Cafe near Powell shows flavor, nutrition go hand-in-hand

Chuck Suiter was by no means going to cover the dietary worth of his meals at Be Fit Cafe, situated at 10259 Sawmill Road, close to Powell.

Suiter, who designed the menu, determined to listing carbs, fat, proteins fiber and — maybe most vital — energy.

“I used to be already, I suppose you may say, a little bit forward of the curve,” stated the restaurant veteran of 40-plus years.

Suiter and enterprise companion, Seth Levin, opened Be Fit Cafe 9 years in the past.

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Individual meals ring in at 750 energy or fewer, even for the pizzas. (Until lately, it was 700 energy however due to provide shortages, among the restaurant’s components aren’t accessible.)

Everything is baked in an oven; nothing is fried.

Be Fit Cafe exhibits wholesome will be tasty, too

The Buckeye Bounce pizza ($10.50 for 10 inches) gives pesto, rooster, roasted purple peppers, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella and goat cheeses.

“It’s a very refreshing pizza, particularly on the gluten-free crust,” Suiter stated.

The Cuban ($12) is one other home favourite, combining pulled pork, mozzarella, pickles spicy mustard and barbecue sauce, served on an everyday pizza dough.

“It simply giving it that little tang with the mustard,” Suiter stated. “It appears to mix in fairly nicely.”

The Nashville scorching rooster ($11) is fairly self-explanatory, he stated.

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“Lots of people are in search of that little bit of additional spice, which is the Nashville spice,” he stated.

Wrap sandwiches are plentiful on Be Fit Cafe’s menu.

Woody’s veggie wrap ($8.50) has spinach, romaine, pepper jack cheese, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds and honey-mustard dressing. Ask for no cheese and it’s a vegan meal.

“We do have just a few little vegan choices,” Suiter stated. “And it’s very colourful and it’s a really mild wrap. I’ve lots of people who need one thing to tide themselves over. They don’t desire a heavy protein and issues like that.”

Although soups ($3 for 8 ounces, $4 for 12 ounces) incessantly change, Suiter says rooster noodle, broccoli cheddar, vegetable chili, Baja rooster and an herb-forward tomato bisque are amongst his favorites.

“There’s no cheese on it,” he stated. “Lots of people appear to get pleasure from that candy dressing.”

It’s additionally accessible in wrap type ($8.50), with a slight variation.

“We simply add a little bit cheese to it,” Suiter stated. “It’s just a bit mozzarella. Everyone appears to like it.”

Another mild possibility is the Thai rooster salad ($9) — romaine, spinach, rooster, shredded carrots, crunchy noodles, alfalfa sprouts and an Asian-style sesame dressing.

Quite a lot of wholesome smoothies, together with meal-supplement decisions, can be found.

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The King ($5.25 for 16 ounces; $6.25, 20 ounces; $7.25, 32 ounces; and eight.50, 44 ounces) pays tribute to Elvis Presley by providing peanut butter, banana, a splash of honey, skim milk, protein powder and casein, a slow-release protein “that may make you’re feeling fuller longer,” he stated.

As lengthy as individuals are looking for more healthy meals that don’t sacrifice taste — and eating places prepared to place the dietary data on the menu — there at all times will likely be a spot for Be Fit Cafe, Suiter stated.

“I feel individuals are changing into extra health-conscious,” he stated. “People are making adjustments as a result of it’s by no means too late to make adjustments.”

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Be Fit Cafe

Where: 10259 Sawmill Road, Powell space

Hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays by Saturdays, 9 a.m. to six p.m. Sundays

Contact: 614-792-2233,

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