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Dear Dr. Blonz: I get pleasure from nuts and nut butters, however I’m involved in regards to the current recall of peanut butter as a consequence of salmonella contamination. I’ve stayed away from uncooked nuts as a consequence of this concern, however had thought that roasting killed that micro organism. Why would peanut butter constructed from roasted entire peanuts be recalled? — I.D., Chicago

Dear I.D.: When good manufacturing practices are adopted, the danger of salmonella contamination is eradicated throughout the peanut roasting course of. Both oil and dry roasting happen at temperatures effectively above that wanted to destroy this organism. However, it must be performed proper, guaranteeing that every one the nuts rise up to the best temperature.

Assuming that the roasting shouldn’t be the problem, the danger should come afterward. Think, for instance, of doing an awesome job of washing your arms, solely to dry them off with a unclean towel. If an organization doesn’t have correct hygiene and food-safety protocols, its merchandise are in danger.

Recalls are designed to both stop or cease an outbreak whereas the meals security detectives establish how the meals was tainted and the way it obtained into your retailer. For extra in regards to the May 2022 peanut butter recall, see b.link/wpeupa. General details about salmonella might be discovered at b.link/uupfnh.

Dear Dr. Blonz: I’m 74 and am now taking 2 mg of warfarin day by day after a coronary heart valve alternative two months in the past. I want to exit and revel in corned beef and cabbage, a favourite dish of mine, however I’ve been warned to keep away from cabbage whereas taking warfarin. I wished to know if this meal can be OK. — S.B., through e mail

Dear S.B.: Warfarin, additionally recognized by its model identify Coumadin, is one among a number of medicines given to inhibit blood clotting. Various well being points may cause undesirable clots, whose medical time period is venous thromboembolism. Heart valve irregularities are on that record. Of course, we would like our blood to clot and cease the bleeding each time we’re lower or injured. But an errant clot can journey by way of the blood vessels and block the stream to important tissues and organs, leading to dire penalties. (Read extra on blood clots at b.link/krhyn2.)

The anticoagulant treatment you have been prescribed works by blocking the motion of vitamin Okay. (In reality, the “Okay” stands for “koagulation,” the German spelling of coagulation.) For any particular person, the dose of warfarin will get adjusted to realize the specified degree of anticoagulant exercise. It is necessary to maintain your consumption of vitamin Okay fairly fixed from day after day to facilitate this side of your remedy. Other meals, herbs, dietary supplements and medicines affecting coagulation should even be thought of.

Cabbage is a reasonably good supply of vitamin Okay, so warning is dictated. Check the article at b.link/ccq4s6. It is finest to speak together with your pharmacist and any well being professionals overseeing this side of your care earlier than sitting down for that favourite meal. Consider asking for a referral to a dietitian who may help you make room for this dish by making changes to different meals you eat.

Ed Blonz, Ph.D., is a diet scientist and an assistant medical professor on the University of California, San Francisco. He is the creator of the digital guide “The Wellness Supermarket Buying Guide” (2012), which can be obtainable as a free digital useful resource at blonz.com/guide.

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