A Nutrition PhD’s Advice & Tips For Optimizing Longevity

A Nutrition PhD’s Advice & Tips For Optimizing Longevity

Once upon a time, I had a reasonably awkward and comical date in Santa Monica. I used to be new-ish to Los Angeles and determined to check out a relationship website that was well-known for its strong matching algorithms. However, on this specific night on Pico Boulevard, their matching science was, properly, not so strong. 

I most likely ought to have recognized one thing was awry when the good-looking maitre d’ wished me “good luck” in a definite, you’re-gonna-need-it sort of tone earlier than taking me to the desk the place my date was already seated.

In lieu of a heat salutation, my date stood up, scanned me from toes to go (sure, in that specific order), and proclaimed with some audible disappointment, “You’re taller than your dating app profile mentioned.” I replied, “It’s good to fulfill you too” like several gracious Southern girl would, and proceeded to sit down my tall self down. (I’m truly a not-so-tall 5-feet-6-inches, however as my relationship profile clearly said, “I prefer to put on heels,” so you realize…do the maths.)

The remainder of that date may encourage a Saturday Night Live skit, however permit me to chop to the nutrition-relevant chase (since this text is about nutrition principles for a long and healthy life—I promise). 


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