What Is the GOMAD Diet? Risks, Benefits, Fitness Hype

  • Drinking a gallon of milk a day to shortly acquire muscle mass and fats has lengthy been a fad food plan.
  • Dietitians mentioned the food plan is a fast repair that won’t result in long-term adjustments in physique composition.
  • The GOMAD food plan can improve the danger of coronary heart and kidney issues.

Milk is having second amongst younger folks like Angus Cloud and Jojo Siwa — and a few fitness bros participating in the GOMAD diet, or “gallon of milk a day.”

The GOMAD food plan — popular since the early bodybuilding days within the 1940s and 50s — guarantees a fast approach to placed on muscle and weight resulting from milk’s excessive protein and saturated fats content material. Eating in a calorie surplus is the best way to build muscle, as your physique will break down muscle tissue to get power if you happen to eat to little.

Though specialists recommend building muscle to strengthen bones and enhance coronary heart well being, the GOMAD food plan represents the darkish facet of weightlifting. The want to attain a muscular, “swole” physique had pushed many health influencers to take performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in secret, regardless of their detrimental well being results. An estimated 5 to 10 million folks have body dysmorphia, a psychological well being situation that causes intense misery about one’s look.

Speaking to Insider, three nutritionists mentioned they imagine — or hope — the GOMAD food plan is only a fad that may die out. While all of them agreed that the GOMAD food plan will doubtless ship on the promise to shortly acquire weight, and milk is wealthy in vitamins, they mentioned there are apparent downsides and critical dangers to consuming that a lot milk.

How the GOMAD food plan works

Robin Barrie Kaiden, a registered dietitian and licensed private coach, mentioned the motivation behind the GOMAD food plan doubtless comes from a want to placed on muscle mass shortly. 

Muscle constructing requires consuming sufficient energy and protein. Not solely does consuming at a calorie surplus assist with muscle constructing, power coaching can boost your metabolism, as muscle burns extra energy at relaxation. Not consuming sufficient protein may also impede muscle building, because the macronutrient helps restore tears in muscle fibers throughout exercises.

Some folks discover it troublesome to eat as a lot is required to realize muscle mass, Kaiden mentioned, and ingesting energy is usually simpler than consuming. A gallon of whole milk incorporates 128 grams of protein and a whopping 2,400 energy. 

Kaiden mentioned the GOMAD food plan may assist construct muscle, however the extra energy may also result in gaining fats, because the energy the physique doesn’t use in a day will get stored as extra fat.

Another draw to the GOMAD food plan is its comfort for individuals who don’t prepare dinner or meal prep, mentioned Amy Stephens, a registered dietitian and licensed specialist in sports activities vitamin. But studying tips on how to eat a balanced food plan will result in long run, sustainable physique adjustments, Stephens mentioned. Results from the GOMAD dieter will doubtless dissipate as quickly because the dieter stops ingesting milk.

“This is clearly a fast repair, as a result of food plan food plan tradition loves fast fixes,” Kaiden mentioned.

The risks of ingesting a gallon of milk a day 

Not solely is the GOMAD food plan ineffective at offering a approach to construct and keep muscle within the long-term, consuming a gallon of milk a day results in quite a few well being issues, a few of which might be life threatening. 

Stephens mentioned a gallon of milk incorporates 4 instances the each day allowance of saturated fats, or fats molecules present in animal merchandise and tropical oils. Though saturated fats may not be as unhealthy as beforehand believed, an excessive amount of of it may elevate a kind of ldl cholesterol that increases the risk of heart disease.

A gallon of milk incorporates practically the entire each day really useful quantity of sodium and excessive quantities of calcium, mentioned Jason Machowsky, a board-certified sports activities dietitian. Too a lot sodium can dehydrate the physique, and an excessive amount of calcium within the kidney can kind kidney stones.

Milk sparsely is OK

Despite the issues related to ingesting a gallon of milk a day, cow’s milk incorporates quite a few important vitamins and minerals, together with potassium,

vitamin D

, and calcium, and dietitians approve of ingesting the beverage sparsely for individuals who can tolerate dairy. 

For vegans or folks with lactose intolerance, nutritious, excessive calorie meals like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and avocados will help with weight acquire, Machowsky mentioned. Soy milk incorporates practically as a lot protein as dairy, although Stephens mentioned to be cautious of excessive quantities of sugar and gum in some manufacturers of milk alternate options. 


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