“We’re focused on nutrition, health and wellness”

“We’re focused on nutrition, health and wellness”

Amazentis CEO explains Mitopure’s distinctive strategy – optimising mitochondrial operate by stimulating mitophagy.

Chris Rinsch, PhD, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Amazentis, an modern life science firm devoted to using breakthrough analysis and medical science to carry superior therapeutic vitamin merchandise to life. Having coated research that shows Mitopure, Amazentis’ highly pure urolithin A supplement appears to boost mitochondria and muscle health, we had been eager to search out out extra concerning the firm and its basis and path.

Longevity.Technology: Urolithin A is a robust postbiotic synthesised by the intestine microbiome from polyphenolic compounds in pomegranates, berries and nuts. However, regardless that urolithin A can have a helpful impact on mitochondrial operate which ends up in the slowing of sure getting older processes and an enchancment in muscle restoration, almost two-thirds of us will not be capable of manufacture sufficient of it as a result of composition of our microbiome. In order to assist everybody produce sufficient urolithin A, no matter what microbiota are of their intestine, Amazentis has developed a purified type of urolithin A known as Mitopure, which they market because the complement Timeline.

Check out our fascinating interview with Chris Rinsch, by which we discover out extra about how Amazentis is taking vitamin to the subsequent degree by utilizing all of the instruments of recent biology and why urolithin A is a gamechanger for human health.

Chris Rinsch on…

The advantages of Mitopure urolithin A complement

After 4 weeks of taking urolithin A, we noticed an enchancment within the mitochondrial gene signature … an total systemic enchancment in mitochondria. Following a two month interval of taking Mitopure, we noticed an enchancment in muscle operate, significantly in muscle endurance, that was statistically important.

The rise of the postbiotic

Inside your intestine you have got these probiotics, these micro organism, that rework the ellagitannins from pomegranates into urolithin A, making urolithin A a postbiotic. Not everybody’s microbiome could make this conversion, so Mitopure, our propietary urolithin A, provides you the precise dose of urolithin A – equal to ingesting 6 glasses of pomegranate juice, whether or not you’re a converter or not.

How Amazentis’ urolithin A complement works

By stimulating the method of mitophagy, we’re capable of clear up broken mitochondria and preserve the pool of mitochondria inside our cells in an actual optimum kind.

Customer satisfaction

The organic exercise of urolithin A may be very potent within the cells, and we see this as one thing that will be a fantastic complement to folks’s diets to assist them handle their muscle and mobile operate as they age, at any level of their lives. We hear from our clients, together with skilled athletes, that they’re feeling the advantages of Mitopure.

Energise the trillions of cells in your body. Click here to learn more about Mitopure.


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