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Double your pleasure, double your enjoyable, with the nice style of a double-nyama bun.

Long time readers of this web site could be conscious that our Japanese author Go Hatori enjoys visiting the African nation of Kenya and retains in shut contact with a number of buddies there to today. One such keyboard-pal by the title of Charles despatched him as picture that rocked his world final June.

This was The Nyama Nyama Burger from KFC Kenya, in a relatively dramatic packaging. Judging by the tag line on the backside, the town being razed is a metaphor for starvation and the fleet of assault choppers overhead signify this undeniably intriguing sandwich’s capability to decimate it.

“Nyama” is the Swahili phrase for “meat,” so “Nyama Nyama” describes how that is primarily a variation of the Double Down that KFC sells all around the world. However, it additionally has some twists that has made it distinctive to Kenya for years, akin to a fried hash brown relatively than bacon in between the 2 items of hen.

Go stared on the picture of Charles along with his The Nyama Nyama Burger in pure caloric bliss, and was struck with a pang of jealousy.

Booking a flight to Kenya to purchase one for himself merely wasn’t within the playing cards for our author although. Travel was out of the query for apparent causes, and even when he might, Go was dedicating most of 2021 to competing in an novice kickboxing match which meant he needed to watch his weight like a hawk.

But earlier this month, Go scored his first kickboxing victory and determined to have a good time by lastly pigging out on his dream meals from Kenya.

Go nonetheless couldn’t journey there, however Charles had defined how The Nyama Nyama Burger was made intimately and it appeared simple sufficient utilizing components available in Japan. The KFC hen was no drawback to amass and the mayo, onion, cheese, and hash browns merely required a visit to the grocery store.

Go heated the hash browns and onion within the microwave after which positioned every element within the order Charles described: hen, mayo, cheese, hash brown, onion, cheese, mayo, and hen.

All in all it was fairly simple and regarded each bit as decadent as Go imagined, there was only one factor lacking.

He gave it one other minute within the microwave, simply to get the cheese all good and gooey.

And so, the Japanese The Nyama Nyama Burger was full!

Comparing it to the Kenyan authentic, Go’s appeared a little bit lighter on the mayo, however that will have been because of smearing and spreading of the quick meals one’s mayonnaise whereas in transport.

▼ Kenya KFC

▼ GoFC

As for the style, it took some time for it to register in Go’s mind. After months of strict weight-reduction plan, he had skilled a extreme case of calorie shock. Symptoms embody convulsions and the flexibility to see by time.

When he got here too, he described the style as the whole lot he anticipated — pure fatty, salty, creamy junk meals ecstasy. There have been in all probability some variations in comparison with the unique. Mainly, the store-bought frozen hash brown nearly actually tasted completely different from what KFC Kenya would put together.

Still, it was properly well worth the minimal effort and Go recommends the DIY The Nyama Nyama Burger wherever you reside. While you’re at it, don’t overlook to strive our different selfmade quick meals monstrosities just like the Caramel Macaron Burger and Oreo-Spam Burger.

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