Puréed Food: How-To, Diet, and Uses

A puréed food plan is a texture-modified food plan that folks typically use if they’ve problem consuming stable meals.

Foods for infants are sometimes puréed, however adults can eat puréed meals, too.

For instance, a puréed food plan may be useful for individuals who have bother chewing or swallowing, or those that have particular intestine points that require the feel of their meals to be modified.

Some folks additionally select to eat puréed meals as a option to lose undesirable weight.

In this text, we’ll focus on puréed meals, easy methods to make them, whether or not they can assist with weight reduction, and who would possibly wish to use them.

A puréed food plan is one by which all meals and snacks are served in a puréed consistency.

Purées require no chewing and are simpler to swallow than stable meals.

As such, healthcare professionals typically advocate a puréed food plan for individuals who have medical situations that make it tough for them to swallow stable meals safely.


Dysphagia is the medical time period for swallowing issues. People with dysphagia could have problem forming a meals bolus of their mouth or expertise a delay after they attempt to swallow it.

This will increase their threat of choking or inhaling meals whereas they’re consuming. It additionally makes it tougher to eat sufficient, in flip growing their threat of not getting sufficient vitamins (1).

While some proof suggests in any other case, many healthcare professionals advocate a puréed food plan to sufferers with dysphasia to cut back their threat of choking and doubtlessly respiratory meals into their lungs whereas guaranteeing they meet their dietary wants (1).

Many folks with dysphagia find yourself consuming a puréed food plan day by day (2).

Dysphagia may be persistent or come and go. It’s most typical amongst older adults. However, youthful folks can even expertise it, largely as a facet impact of sure drugs or following an harm or surgical procedure.

People with sure medical situations, reminiscent of these with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, might also be extra prone to develop dysphagia (1).

Digestive problems

A puréed food plan will also be helpful you probably have gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis is usually known as abdomen paralysis. It’s a digestive dysfunction that slows the passage of meals out of your abdomen into your intestine (3).

If you’ve got this situation, you could expertise bloating, nausea, vomiting, belly ache, and really feel full very shortly after starting to eat.

Gastroparesis is most typical amongst folks with sort 1 diabetes. It additionally happens in some individuals who have simply had surgical procedure or are taking sure kinds of drugs, reminiscent of narcotics (3).

That mentioned, about half of gastroparesis circumstances occur spontaneously, for no obvious motive (3).

In common, liquids are inclined to exit the abdomen extra quickly than solids. Because of this, a liquid or puréed meals food plan is usually really useful for folks with reasonable to extreme gastroparesis.

Chewing difficulties

A puréed food plan doesn’t require any chewing. This makes it significantly helpful for folks with lacking or painful enamel, ill-fitting dentures, or those that must briefly restrict the motion of their jaw, reminiscent of after a surgical procedure.

Purées will also be helpful for infants who’ve but to develop the motor abilities essential to chew and swallow stable items of meals safely. Many mother and father and caregivers introduce stable meals in puréed kind.


A puréed meals food plan is helpful for folks with dysphagia, digestive problems, or chewing difficulties. It could assist additionally scale back the danger of choking or respiratory meals into the lungs and growing pneumonia consequently.

You can flip nearly any meals or meal right into a purée, so long as you guarantee that the ensuing purée has a pudding-like consistency.

A well-balanced puréed food plan will doubtless require a bit further planning. Fruits and greens would be the first kinds of meals that come to thoughts amongst most individuals who think about a puréed food plan.

That mentioned, relying too closely on puréed meals comprising solely fruits or greens could make it tough so that you can meet your day by day nutrient wants.

Most notably, your food plan would lack protein, which is vital for metabolism, immunity, muscle restore, and urge for food management. It’d additionally lack fats, which is required for satiety, hormones, and the absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins, in addition to micronutrients like calcium, iron, and vitamin B12.

Instead, strive puréeing the meals that you just usually get pleasure from consuming of their stable kind. This will assist be certain that your puréed food plan is diverse, flavorful, and meets your nutrient wants.

How to purée meals

You can flip nearly any meal right into a purée by utilizing a meals processor or blender. While puréeing it, add as a lot liquid to your meal as mandatory for it to achieve a pudding-like consistency.

If your purée is simply too thick, skinny it with water, broth, or one other liquid that matches the flavour profile of your meal. You can even choose extra nourishing liquids, reminiscent of plant-based milk or dairy milk, or a vegetable sauce if you wish to add further vitamins to your meal.

Keep in thoughts that purées ought to all the time be thicker than liquids. Although you possibly can eat each with a spoon, purées ought to maintain their form sufficient to be able to’t pour them like you possibly can pour liquids. This consistency can assist scale back the danger of respiratory meals into the lungs.

If your purée is simply too skinny, strive including a thickening agent to assist it attain a pudding-like consistency. Options embrace:

  • potato flakes
  • cornstarch
  • arrowroot powder
  • pectin


You can flip virtually any meal or snack right into a purée. To achieve this, put together the meal as ordinary, then add a liquid to it, and mix it. Thicken or skinny your purée as wanted to realize a pudding-like consistency.

Here are just a few puréed meal and snack concepts to get you began.


  • Soups. Considerlentil, break up pea, and pumpkin and white bean soup. Simply put together them as ordinary, then mix them with a hand mixer. Add a thickening agent if wanted.
  • Pasta. You can purée any of your favorites, reminiscent of spaghetti bolognese, macaroni and cheese, or penne with meat (or veggie) balls. Cook them as you usually would, add a bit further water or sauce, and mix the dish till it’s totally puréed.
  • Scrambles. Scrambled egg or scrambled tofu work effectively, too. Blend them with a veggie broth. You can serve it with a facet of toast blended with a bit further plant or dairy milk.
  • Meat or veggie stews. Ratatouille, lentil dahl, and black bean stew are nice choices. Prepare as per the standard recipe, then mix them right into a pudding-like consistency. Thin them with a bit further water or sauce if wanted.
  • Cooked breakfast cereal. Examples embrace cream of wheat, cooked breakfast quinoa, or oatmeal. Blend them with a nut butter and milk. Top with puréed fruit.
  • Baked items. You can strive mixing French toast, pancakes, muffins, or bread with fruit juice or milk.


  • Mashed potato. Make this with white, candy, or purple potatoes, utilizing milk, butter, or margarine to melt it. You can serve it with grated cheese (dairy or plant-based) or combined with different puréed greens.
  • Blended greens. Examples embrace corn, carrots, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, purple peppers, and mushrooms. Cook as per ordinary and mix them with a bit vegetable broth.
  • Baked beans and peas. Baked black beans, chickpeas, or purple kidney beans are nice choices. Blend them with a bit water, tahini, oil, tomato sauce, or vegetable broth.
  • Leafy greens. Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, or collards are all wholesome decisions. Chop in small items and boil them in a bit vegetable broth. Blend them till clean and thicken with potato flakes, as wanted.
  • Homemade sauces. These are nice, particularly extra satisfying sauces, reminiscent of pesto, hummus, gravy, or peanut sauce. Thicken them with potato starch or arrowroot powder, if wanted.


Note that yogurts and puddings may be eaten as is, with out further mixing, until toppings are added.

  • Yogurt. The yogurt could also be dairy- or plant-based. Add recent fruit, nut butter, nuts, or seeds, and mix them. Sieve to take away pores and skin and seeds from the fruit, if wanted.
  • Fruit smoothies. Blend frozen fruit with milk or ice cream. For further vitamins, add protein powder, nuts, seeds, and even leafy greens. Sieve to take away skins and seeds, and add pectin to thicken, if wanted.
  • Puddings. Consider each home made and store-bought choices.

Of course, there’s no must restrict your self to those choices. Feel free to seek out inventive methods to show your favourite meals and snacks into tasty purées.


Almost any meal, facet, or snack may be made right into a purée. You can get inventive within the kitchen by discovering methods to purée your favourite stable meals.

A puréed food plan can simply turn into monotonous. If you’re going to be consuming a puréed food plan for an extended interval, it’s necessary to spend a while ensuring that the purées look interesting along with tasting good.

Herbs and spices not solely add taste to your meals however can even improve their colour. Whenever doable, strive mixing and serving meals of various colours individually to protect their vibrancy.

For occasion, mix your spaghetti bolognese individually out of your leafy greens, so you find yourself with two brightly coloured purées reasonably than one brown-colored purée.

Also, keep away from overcooking the meals in order that its colour stays as vibrant as doable. This will likewise assist retain a lot of the meals’s nutritional vitamins and minerals (4).

Finally, utilizing a piping bag when plating your puréed meal can additional improve its visible enchantment. Some folks even use food-shaped molds to recreate the form of the meals after they serve it. Let your creativity run free!


Use herbs and spices, hold colour combos in thoughts, and keep away from overcooking your meals to protect their style and visible enchantment. Try utilizing piping baggage or food-shaped molds when plating your meals to make them look as scrumptious as they style.

Some folks could select to eat puréed meals within the hopes of shedding pounds. This is the concept behind the baby food diet, which rose in reputation round 2010 and primarily includes puréed child meals.

Replacing stable meals with puréed meals might assist decrease your day by day calorie consumption. In this fashion, like all reduced-calorie food plan, a puréed food plan could provide help to lose weight — at the least within the quick time period when you can persist with it.

This could be very true in case your puréed meals contained plenty of low calorie meals, reminiscent of vegetables and fruit, and fewer increased calorie meals, reminiscent of refined grains, fat (e.g., oils, cream, nuts, and nut butters), and sugary meals.

Puréed meals can even style blander, and their texture typically makes them much less interesting to eat, which can result in consuming much less total.

Indeed, one research amongst older adults with difficultly swallowing discovered that one in every of their most typical criticisms of puréed meals was its lack of enchantment (2).

However, proscribing energy alone, with out making different life-style adjustments, is never an efficient long-term technique to reduce weight (5).

In addition, decreasing your calorie consumption too drastically could trigger you to lose muscle, which may sluggish your metabolism.

In flip, a slower metabolism makes sustaining weight reduction tougher. Thus, after a interval of restrictive weight-reduction plan, it’s common to regain the load you misplaced when you return to consuming such as you used to (6).

Moreover, consuming puréed meals simply to reduce weight is unlikely to be an efficient long-term weight reduction answer. Unless you make different life-style adjustments following this (or any) food plan, you’re very prone to regain all of the misplaced weight, if no more, when you begin consuming solids once more.


Like any fad food plan that leads to a calorie deficit, a puréed meals food plan could provide help to lose some weight, at the least within the quick time period. However, you’ll doubtless regain the misplaced weight, and even perhaps extra, as soon as you start consuming solids once more.

A puréed meals food plan is a texture-modified food plan that may be helpful for folks with dysphagia, gastroparesis, or chewing difficulties.

You could make nearly any meal or snack right into a purée by merely mixing it with a bit further liquid, reminiscent of juice, water, or broth. Nevertheless, many individuals discover {that a} puréed food plan can very simply turn into monotonous.

By decreasing your calorie consumption, a puréed food plan could provide help to lose some weight, at the least within the quick time period. However, until you make different lasting life-style adjustments, you’ll doubtless regain the load, if no more, when you return to consuming stable meals.

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