How Long Does It Take to Gain Weight?

Some individuals actively attempt to achieve weight for quite a lot of causes, together with:

  • enhancing sports activities efficiency
  • placing on muscle to succeed in a health or aesthetic aim
  • recovering from a critical sickness
  • restoring weight after unintentional or undesired weight reduction
  • bettering hormone ranges and general well being after a interval of restrictive weight-reduction plan

The charge at which you achieve weight is dependent upon quite a lot of components, resembling your physique measurement, intercourse, exercise degree, calorie consumption, and well being standing.

This article opinions how lengthy it takes to start out gaining weight, some methods to get you began, and some issues to pay attention to alongside the way in which.

There are two foremost kinds of weight achieve — physique fats features and lean muscle features.

When you’re getting down to achieve weight, it might assist you to to stipulate your targets first.

Are you trying to achieve any kind of weight in any respect prices? Alternatively, do you wish to selectively achieve largely lean physique mass at a extra gradual charge?

The reply will have an effect on how shortly it’s possible you’ll wish to goal to pack on the kilos.

What impacts weight achieve?

You can achieve weight by consuming at a calorie surplus, which suggests taking in additional energy than you burn frequently by way of your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and every day exercise and train.

That stated, the speed at which you achieve weight will depend upon quite a lot of components, together with:

  • what number of energy you eat past the quantity you could keep your weight
  • genetic components contributing to your weight, resembling your measurement, construct, and metabolism
  • your every day exercise degree
  • your consuming habits
  • your age
  • your intercourse
  • your hormone standing

Muscle vs. fats features

The charge at which you achieve weight, in addition to the kind of train you do and your macronutrient breakdown, influences whether or not you achieve largely muscle or fats. Taking a slower strategy may also help you optimize muscle gain.

This means slowly growing your calorie consumption whereas frequently practising resistance train. Gaining weight this fashion is also referred to as a clean bulk.

If you’re not as involved with whether or not the burden comes largely from muscle or fats, you possibly can improve your energy quickly to advertise faster weight features. However, you’re extra more likely to achieve fats within the course of.


Weight achieve charges rely in your targets, physique measurement, intercourse, and every day calorie consumption. Gaining weight quickly may end up in extra fats achieve, whereas a gradual, managed strategy mixed with resistance coaching can prioritize muscle features.

When you’re beginning out, you first want to find out your upkeep energy — that’s, the variety of energy you want every day to keep up your weight. To do that, you need to use certainly one of many online calculators.

From there, tack on not less than 500 energy per day to get your gaining began (1, 2).

You might discover that the preliminary 5 kilos (2.2 kg) come on shortly. However, a lot of this can be as a result of accumulation of water and glycogen (saved carbs) (3).

Weigh your self on a weekly foundation, aiming for a aim of gaining 0.25–0.5% of your physique weight per week.

For instance:

  • A 175-pound (79-kg) man would possibly goal to realize 0.4–0.8 kilos (0.2–0.4 kg) per week.
  • A 135-pound (61-kg) lady would possibly goal to realize 0.3–0.6 kilos (0.14–0.28 kg) per week.

Gradually modify your calorie consumption as wanted to make sure you hold making progress towards your aim.

How lengthy does it take?

We’ll use a mean instance right here to present you a common thought of what to anticipate. Keep in thoughts that the quantity and charge you achieve would possibly differ from this relying on the components we listed above, and that’s OK.

Following the above strategy, an individual would possibly achieve a mean of about 15 kilos (6.8 kg) over 6 months consuming roughly 500 further energy every day. This slower strategy would assist prioritize gaining muscle (4).

If you comply with a extra intensive strategy to gaining weight, extra of the burden you achieve is more likely to comprise fats as an alternative of muscle. For instance, some individuals would possibly improve their calorie consumption by as a lot as 1,000 energy per day (4).

By consuming 1,000 extra energy per day over 6 months, you might even see a weight achieve of round 25 kilos (11.4 kg), although a bigger portion of this achieve might comprise fats (4).

Weight achieve progress will fluctuate relying in your physique measurement, targets, and quite a lot of the opposite components beforehand mentioned.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that weight achieve will not be linear, that means you’ll probably need to proceed growing your energy to proceed seeing progress.

This is as a result of your metabolism modifications as your physique adjusts to the rise in every day energy (5).

Most individuals select to comply with a weight achieve protocol for not less than 6 months, adopted by a upkeep interval to permit their physique to regulate to the brand new weight.

Athletes trying to achieve weight normally accomplish that within the low season of their given sport, aiming to placed on new muscle for the subsequent sporting season (6).


Start off by growing your energy by 500 per day. Weigh your self weekly, slowly growing your calorie consumption to maintain gaining weight. Though everybody’s totally different, this strategy tends to assist individuals achieve about 15 kilos (6.8 kg) in 6 months, on common.

Some individuals discover it difficult to realize weight.

While the secret’s staying in a calorie surplus, there are additionally another strategies you need to use to assist promote weight achieve.

Here are the highest methods that can assist you get the dimensions transferring in the correct path.

Weight coaching

When lean muscle achieve is your aim, together with resistance training in your routine may also help shuttle the extra energy and vitamins towards muscle features as an alternative of fats features (7).

Most individuals discover it’s enough to comply with a well-balanced coaching program that targets all the main muscle teams not less than as soon as per week. If you already comply with a sophisticated weight coaching program, it’s possible you’ll wish to do resistance coaching extra regularly (8).

Boost protein consumption

Including loads of protein in your weight loss plan whereas gaining weight is crucial, particularly in case your aim is primarily to placed on muscle.

Research has proven that resistance coaching plus a high protein diet wherein you eat 0.7–1.0 grams of protein per pound (1.6–2.2 grams per kg) of physique weight helps promote muscle features (9).

This will assist guarantee a steadiness of fats and muscle features if you’re striving to placed on weight.

Focus on energy-dense meals

Energy-dense meals are outlined as meals that pack in a number of energy in proportion to their quantity.

When you’re trying to placed on weight, a lot of these meals will be your good friend, as they assist you to improve your energy with out getting full too shortly.

Some examples of energy-dense meals embody:

  • nuts and nut butters
  • avocados
  • olive oil and different plant oils
  • full fats dairy, together with yogurt and cheese
  • dried fruits
  • darkish chocolate
  • whole eggs
  • seeds, resembling pumpkin and flax

Drink smoothies and shakes

Once you’ve been gaining weight for some time, it’s possible you’ll discover it tough to extend your energy with out feeling too full.

A great way to counteract that is by together with liquid energy. Some drinks are each nutrient wealthy and calorie dense, permitting you to effectively enhance your calorie consumption with out feeling overfull.

Some examples of calorie-dense drinks embody:

  • fruit smoothies made with yogurt or protein powder
  • shakes primarily based on milk or ice cream
  • 100% fruit juices
  • weight achieve powders and drinks
  • complete milk
  • chocolate milk

It’s nonetheless finest to keep away from drinks with extreme added sugars, resembling common soda, iced tea, lemonade, vitality drinks, and sure espresso or tea drinks. If you’re undecided, simply examine the vitamin label.

Drinking sweetened drinks is related to an elevated threat of sure ailments, resembling diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart illness (9).


Other strategies for enhancing your weight achieve embody common resistance coaching, growing your protein consumption, consuming calorie-dense meals, and consuming a few of your energy in liquid type.

When you’re implementing methods to advertise weight achieve, hold a couple of precautions in thoughts.

Eat sufficient fiber

On your weight achieve journey, remember to keep in mind to eat a great quantity of fiber. This is round 26 grams per day for girls and about 38 grams per day for males (10).

Many increased calorie processed meals could also be nice for gaining weight however are typically relatively low in fiber.

While an excessive amount of fiber can fill you up, not getting sufficient can contribute to constipation and depart you uncomfortably backed up.

Be certain to incorporate loads of water, fruits, greens, and complete grains to maintain your fiber consumption in examine.

Don’t go overboard on protein

Even although a excessive protein weight loss plan can promote muscle features, overdoing it with protein may create a barrier to gaining weight (8).

Protein-rich meals are typically pretty filling. Thus, should you frequently eat extreme quantities of protein, it’s possible you’ll not have room to eat different meals that promote weight achieve, resembling carbs and fat.

Aim to eat 25–40 grams of protein per meal, relying in your measurement, and let the remainder of the energy come from meals wealthy in carbs and fats.

Stay lively

Remaining sedentary is one option to achieve weight. However, a sedentary life-style can have some unfavorable well being results of its personal, together with an elevated threat of coronary heart illness, most cancers, diabetes, and hypertension (11).

To assist stop these unintended effects if you’re gaining weight, goal to get half-hour of bodily exercise not less than 5 days per week. This is the minimal quantity of bodily exercise the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends (12).

Take a gradual strategy

While you could have bold weight achieve targets, it’s finest to realize weight progressively over a interval of not less than 6 months.

This permits your physique to slowly modify to your elevated calorie consumption and physique measurement.

If you progress slowly, it’s extra probably you’ll have the ability to keep your new weight transferring ahead, relatively than the burden coming proper again off if you cease consuming as many energy or improve your bodily exercise (13).


Consider taking a couple of precautions should you’re attempting to realize weight. Ensure you eat sufficient fiber, keep lively, and don’t overload on protein. Taking a extra gradual strategy may also assist you to achieve extra muscle and keep your weight achieve.

People might look to realize weight for varied causes, together with placing on muscle, bettering athletic efficiency, or recovering from an sickness.

Your charge of weight achieve will depend upon quite a lot of components, together with your physique measurement, intercourse, calorie consumption, genetics, exercise degree, and well being standing.

Increasing your energy by about 500 past your every day upkeep calorie wants may assist you to achieve about 15 kilos (6.8 kg) over 6 months. This might fluctuate from individual to individual.

Eating a better calorie surplus will assist you to achieve weight sooner, although is extra more likely to end in further fats achieve versus muscle.

To enhance weight achieve, notably in case your aim is to realize lean muscle, there are few methods you possibly can attempt, resembling following a resistance coaching routine, growing your protein consumption, ingesting calorie-dense drinks, and consuming calorie-dense meals.

To keep away from a number of the potential unfavorable unintended effects of the burden achieve course of, guarantee a great fiber consumption, keep lively, and don’t overdo it on protein.

By following this strategy, you’ll be on the highway to gaining weight very quickly.

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