Writers’ Corner: Reclamation


by Paula Silveira

I can’t utter the phrase. I refuse to be rattled by the Mille-Feuille pastry mendacity seductively on the bakery counter, like a mannequin on a movie set. My co-dependence with sugar have to be acknowledged. I don’t wish to succumb to weight-reduction plan and be a pawn of a billion greenback enterprise, however the kilo creep in my latter years is the non-disputing proof that change is required.

Exercise, the holy grail of weight reduction means jogging, Pilates, yoga, 10,000 steps, power coaching, swimming and so on. and so on. Variety is the mantra. All proof of turkey neck, bat wing arms, camel toes and muffin tops will disappear with self-discipline and dedication. Combined with a hen seed menu, and matched with Kombucha, transformation will happen and you can also have the physique of want.

Can anyone inform me the place can I purchase some extra self-discipline and dedication, as a result of the quantity I’m utilizing now isn’t working?

As the only proprietor of this private panorama, I can’t change the age, hormones or metabolism, however I can select how one can view it. I can deny or I can rejoice.

So my choice … Acknowledge the expedition my physique has navigated in life’s accomplishments. Be kinder to myself with out self-indulgence, give attention to a wholesome state that expands my experiences, not limits them, be lively in thoughts and physique and practise love, kindness and empathy. Honour my wobbly bits, the stretchy bits and the protruding bits and select reclamation over denial.

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