From weak erections to man buns and shaving… common men’s health myths busted

THE pandemic has made us extra involved for our common well being than we’d have been earlier than.

Many individuals averted going to their GP during the last 12 months because of Covid fears, and as an alternative turned to Dr Google to reply any health-related points.


The pandemic has made us extra involved about our well being and many individuals have turned to Dr Google for solutions

But this might trigger issues, as there’s a breadth of misinformation on-line on the subject of well being – and a plethora of myths.

With well being misconceptions usually enjoying on the minds of males throughout the UK, what are the commonest and is there any reality in them?

Navin Khosla, Superintendent Pharmacist at FROM MARS debunked a number of the most searched males’s well being myths and sorted truth from fiction – advising when you need to go and see your GP.

1. Weak erections aren’t attributable to erectile dysfunction

Over 68,600 males seek for the time period “weaker erections aren’t an indication of erectile dysfunction” every year.

Navin mentioned when you’re experiencing weaker erections, it won’t be all the way down to erectile dysfunction.

He defined: “Weaker erections are extra frequent in older males and may be attributable to quite a few well being points equivalent to diabetes, weight problems and hypertension.

“By merely altering your way of life by decreasing your alcohol consumption and being extra energetic, you need to begin to expertise stronger erections.”

Weak erections can be caused by numerous factors - it isn't always down to erectile dysfunction


Weak erections may be attributable to quite a few elements – it is not all the time all the way down to erectile dysfunction

2. Man buns trigger hair loss

For some blokes, having your accomplice minimize your hair in lockdown was simply not an choice.

Cue the person buns and hats to cover overgrown manes.

But neither of those trigger hair loss, regardless of over 52,000 males trying to find “can man buns and hats trigger hair loss”.

Navin mentioned: “Your hair is completely pleased being lined by a hat, and there’s no connection between donning your cap and going bald.

“You could have learn that repeated friction in opposition to your scalp will trigger a naked patch, however for this to occur you’d have to be carrying a hat so tight that it could be significantly uncomfortable.

“If that is the case, you in all probability simply want a brand new hat.”

Wearing a hat and styling your hair in a man bun does not cause hair loss


Wearing a hat and styling your hair in a person bun doesn’t trigger hair loss

3. Shaving makes your hair develop

At a sure age, many males begin methods to bolster the hair on their head.

If that sounds such as you, you are not alone as yearly 68,400 males seek for this.

Some will strive something to thicken up their barnet, together with shaving it off…

But there isn’t a medical proof in any respect to show that this makes your hair develop thicker, Navin mentioned.

He defined: “Men usually want thicker hair as as a rule, this may cut back your probabilities of hair loss.

“If you might have seen a change in your hair, whether or not you’re shedding it in your head or rising extra in your face, there are quite a few causes for this, together with negative effects to remedy, so don’t be afraid to talk to your GP.”

4. Men cannot get breast most cancers

While it isn’t as frequent in males as it’s in ladies, males can nonetheless get breast most cancers.

In the UK there are about 350 males recognized with breast most cancers every year, in comparison with 55,000 circumstances in ladies.

Just one per cent – round one in 100 – breast cancers within the UK are in males.

Navin mentioned: “It is way more uncommon in comparison with different types of most cancers in males, however breast most cancers usually impacts these over the age of 60.

“It’s essential to verify for signs equivalent to lumps or nipple discharge and converse to your GP when you expertise any of those signs or discover any adjustments.”

Men can get breast cancer, but it is not as common as it is in women


Men can get breast most cancers, however it isn’t as frequent as it’s in ladies

5. You want protein instantly after understanding

The rise in health club tradition and the recognition of health influencers on Instagram means many people are bombarded by shredded hunks sipping a shake, usually topless.

Over 51,000 males seek for this yearly.

While protein is a superb meals group, and it might probably assist to minimize how a lot you ache after a exercise, Navin mentioned the easiest way to devour it’s to have it regularly by way of the day.

He mentioned: “Lean proteins, fish and poultry are particularly good sources of protein that you need to attempt to incorporate into your weight loss plan.

“Protein dietary supplements are additionally an choice, however keep in mind that they’re there so as to add protein alongside your common consumption, versus changing it solely.

“That mentioned, there’s a small time window of about 20 minutes after a protracted exercise the place restoration drinks generally is a nice profit in aiding the restore, restoration and constructing of recent muscle.”

Kavin mentioned these drinks needs to be a mix of protein and carbohydrate, with three or 4 elements carb to each one half protein, with ten to twenty grams of protein in whole.

While your diet should be balanced - you don't have to have protein immediately after working out


While your weight loss plan needs to be balanced – you do not have to have protein instantly after understanding

6. Peeing rather a lot means you are rising outdated

We’ve all been there. You’re out and about and abruptly, you might have an awesome urge to urinate.

If that is you you then’re not alone as yearly 41,000 males seek for this.

Navin mentioned that as you age, and particularly after 60 years outdated, you may be visiting the toilet extra usually.

He defined: “The older we get, the much less our physique produces a hormone that helps us to retain fluid. So, from that standpoint, the parable appears to carry true.

“However, there are a number of different the reason why you may be urinating extra usually, and any discomfort whereas doing so ought to all the time be investigated.

“For occasion, you may be affected by bladder irritation from a urinary tract an infection, the presence of bladder stones, or irregular growths.”

7. Men cannot get post-natal melancholy

Navin mentioned that that is unfaithful and males may expertise post-natal melancholy as soon as their baby is born.

He mentioned: “There are many the reason why new dads can change into depressed because the dynamic of their relationship with their accomplice can have modified rather a lot.

“For instance, elevated monetary strain, lack of sleep, and worrying concerning the baby’s wellbeing and future are all the reason why a brand new father would possibly really feel depressed.

“Dads may really feel responsible in direction of the mom as she recuperates from childbirth and breastfeeds the kid.”

Men can get post natal depression and some may feel guilty towards the mother


Men can get submit natal melancholy and a few could really feel responsible in direction of the momCredit: Getty

8. All males snore

Navin mentioned that there’s a frequent false impression that being male signifies that you’ll snore whereas asleep.

The skilled says that is unfaithful, and there’s no hyperlink between being male and loud night breathing.

He mentioned: “Snoring is often attributable to a partial blockage of your airways whilst you sleep.

“There is a heightened probability of loud night breathing in case you are chubby or when you sleep in your again, as this may put extra strain in your airways.

“You may attempt to change your sleeping place so that you just sleep in your facet, put money into a extra supportive pillow to maintain your airways open, or attempt to lose some weight in case you are chubby.”

He added there are a number of different issues you are able to do that will help you cease loud night breathing equivalent to avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, and never taking sleeping tablets.

“If you expertise sudden gasping or choking noises throughout the night time, and commonly really feel drowsy throughout the day, you will have sleep apnoea.

“In this case, you will need to verify together with your physician to see when you require any remedy as this generally is a severe situation if not correctly handled”, he mentioned.

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