Why is vitamin C considered your skin’s best friend? Dietician and nutrition expert decodes

Applying vitamin C in your pores and skin will not be ample. Eating the correct amount of vitamin C wealthy meals is what does the magic. Here’s how vitamin C can assist profit your pores and skin in a number of methods defined by Dr Rohini Patil.

Why is vitamin C thought-about your pores and skin’s greatest pal? Dietician and vitamin knowledgeable decodes

Applying Vitamin C does wonders to your pores and skin. However, making use of vitamin c merchandise will not be ample. Eating vitamin c wealthy meals like orange, lemon, berries, broccoli and extra helps in sustaining this nutrient within the physique.


Vitamin C is a vital vitamin which implies your physique doesn’t produce it, it’s important to eat it. It boosts your immunity, manages hypertension, lowers the chance of coronary heart illness and it’s actually helpful in your pores and skin as effectively. Here are some advantages of vitamin C in your pores and skin:

Helps towards solar injury


Vitamin C contains antioxidants that defend towards injury from UV rays. It doesn’t work as sunscreen, but when UV rays injury your pores and skin, it helps to blunt the hurt.


Lightening of darkish spots


Vitamin C helps to lighten the patches and darkish spots known as hyperpigmentation. Also, it helps in whitening the pores and skin and making it easy and glowing.


Helps to easy wrinkles


Vitamin C is a strong ingredient current in anti-ageing lotions. But solely making use of lotions on the face could not assist. A nutritious diet really helps for higher outcomes. People who get extra vitamin C are prone to have fewer wrinkles. Citrus fruits like berries, lemon, orange are important sources of vitamin C. Not solely citrus fruits, spinach, pink pepper and broccoli are additionally wealthy in Vitamin C.

Boost Collagen


It is a protein that’s current in your pores and skin which helps to maintain it from sagging. As you get older, the physique slows down collagen manufacturing. Vitamin C encourages the manufacturing of recent collagen and maintains the collagen you may have. It additionally protects them from being broken.


Healing wounds and scars


Vitamin C helps in therapeutic wounds shortly. It helps to shut open pores and produce collagen which is crucial within the therapeutic of an harm.


Even pores and skin tone


Vitamin C could assist in diminishing your scars. The antioxidants assist in therapeutic and making your pores and skin tone even.


Hydrates pores and skin, removes tan and makes it glow


Vitamin C helps in hydrating your pores and skin. Dehydration makes your pores and skin uninteresting and darkish. Vitamin C helps in lightening your pores and skin, removes tan and makes your pores and skin glowing with none darkish spots in your face. 


About the creator: Dietician and vitamin knowledgeable, Dr Rohini Patil, Founder and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle.


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