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Ron from Corvallis, Oregon, writes this in response to a current column on lectins: “I’m a biochemist, used to work with immunologists at Sloan-Kettering. The principal motive I’m writing is to ask you to discover the toxicity of nuts’ lectins and the easiest way to organize nuts with out getting sick. My spouse loves pecans, I’m fondest of cashews and pistachios. I’m within the chemistry and physiology of the lectins, however I doubt most readers could be.”

Well, Ron, it could be simpler to speak concerning the chemistry of lectins than your principal query. That’s as a result of there may be little or no analysis concerning the lectin content material of nuts … or if they’re even an issue.

A current evaluate article within the journal “Nutrients” states that lectins are extensively distributed all through the plant kingdom (greater than 500 differing types have been recognized). In their lively state, lectins can intervene with the absorption of vitamins and — in accordance with some animal analysis — could even play a job in triggering digestive and different illnesses.

On the opposite hand, sure lectins at the moment are being studied for his or her therapeutic advantages, most particularly to diagnose and deal with most cancers. And so the paradox.

According to longevity researchers who research why some cultures reside longer than others ( “lectins are proteins which can be present in all crops … They are a protecting measure that helps the plant thrive and survive in nature. The similar traits that defend them in nature can result in digestive discomfort if consumed by people — however there’s a catch. Lectins are in ALL crops. Plants that we’ve been consuming for hundreds of years, like rice, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, seeds, nuts, however the highest quantities are present in uncooked legumes (beans, lentils, soybeans, peas, and peanuts included) and complete grains.

Avoiding lectins altogether would imply avoiding nearly all plant meals, which might imply avoiding a majority of the meals that the longest-lived folks on the earth consumed day-after-day of their lives in addition to the meals proven to cut back the chance of persistent illnesses like coronary heart illness and diabetes.”

So Ron, though I couldn’t discover information concerning the actual content material of lectins in nuts, right here’s the excellent news about your favorites: They are all heated, cooked or dried after harvest which consultants say can cut back or eradicate the exercise of lectins.

Pecans are heated in a 180-degree water bathtub as a part of processing. Although pistachios may be eaten uncooked, most business pistachios are warmth dried earlier than being packaged. And cashews are by no means offered uncooked; they must be cooked, roasted or steamed to take away a poisonous oil within the shell that may irritate the pores and skin like poison ivy.

At this level, I’d say the proof for the well being results of nuts far outweighs the specter of lectins, particularly if we eat roasted or in any other case cooked merchandise. Thanks for stretching my mind this week!

Barbara Quinn-Intermill is a registered dietitian nutritionist and diabetes care specialist affiliated with the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. She is the creator of “Quinn-Essential Nutrition: The Uncomplicated Science of Eating.” Email her at [email protected]

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