How To Do Bicycle Crunches Safely For Toned Abs; Tips, Benefits, Mistakes

Abs train: Bicycle crunches work on each abs and obliques


  • Crunches are an efficient train that work on the stomach muscle tissue
  • Side crunches might help you’re employed on a number of muscle tissue
  • Do not place your palms behind your head whereas doing crunches

A crunch is a basic core train that particularly works in your stomach muscle tissue. It helps in firming your muscle tissue across the abs, pelvis, again and sides of the trunk. Many carry out this train on each day foundation. To make it extra attention-grabbing, completely different variations of the crunch are often practised. One of the variations is bicycle crunches. This kind works on each abs and obliques. It additionally helps in firming the thighs and facet stomach muscle tissue. Some may make a couple of errors whereas performing this train that may not solely have an effect on the outcomes however might result in pressure or accidents too. Recently, health knowledgeable Kayla Itsines took to Instagram and shared a video to elaborate frequent errors try to be avoiding whereas performing ab bikes.

How to do ab bikes accurately? Here are some frequent errors you need to keep away from

The caption of the video reads, “This is a straightforward one to get unsuitable. So, when you do Ab Bikes usually, I need you to take the time to learn to get them proper!”

Some do’s and don’ts she listed are-


  • Rest palms in entrance of ears
  • Rotate on the torso
  • Bring knees in near the chest
  • Extend your legs in a push and pull movement
  • Elevate your shoulders


  • Pull your neck up along with your palms behind your head
  • Do small out and in motions along with your legs
  • Curve your again away from the ground

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The health knowledgeable explains-

1. Do not use your palms to push your higher body-

Usually, individuals hold their palms behind their neck and convey their knees near the elbows. Pulling your neck this manner can result in pressure within the neck. So, hold your palms in entrance of your ears.

2. Pull the opposite leg-

Many additionally hold each the legs in the identical place via the train. While bringing your one knee nearer to the higher physique, lengthen the opposite leg and push it.

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Watch the video right here:

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Avoid these errors and ace the bicycle crunch!

Disclaimer: This content material together with recommendation supplies generic info solely. It is by no means an alternative choice to certified medical opinion. Always seek the advice of a specialist or your personal physician for extra info. NDTV doesn’t declare accountability for this info.

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