EC3 Launching New ‘Project Narrative’ Fitness App

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EC3 is prepared that will help you management your personal Narrative.

EC3 is launching “Project Narrative”, a brand new app that can assist customers management their well being and wellness Narrative. According to the outline, this app will “function your pocket companion all through your health journey the place you may entry all of your plans and packages particularly designed that will help you obtain your health objectives.”

EC3 commented on the launch, posting the next:

Custom diet and exercise plans created by me, for you and your particular person wants.⁣ Based in your particular person life.⁣

I’ll let you know what to #eat.⁣
I’ll let you know when to eat it.⁣
I’ll plan your #exercises primarily based in your expertise and your schedule.⁣

All it’s important to do is comply with it, and you’ll succeed.⁣

You will #ManagementYourNarrative⁣

The app will formally launch on June 29; EC3 posted a free advance exercise as a preview:


A1) Standing Cable Fly (light-moderate)⁣

B1) Incline Chest Press⁣
12-10-8-6-6-6 (drop 10 drop 15 drop 20)⁣

C1) Incline Cable Fly⁣
15-12-10-8 (drop 12) 8 once more (drop 15)⁣

D1) Flat DB Chest Press (1 arm at a time.)⁣ – 4×8-10⁣

D2) weighted knee raises ⁣- 3×20⁣

E1) Flat DB Fly (4 second eccentric, 3 second maintain at backside)⁣ – 3×10⁣

E2) weighted crunch ⁣- 3×12⁣

E3) Decline DB press⁣ – 3×12-15⁣

F1) Leg press ⁣
Some reps and units for blood circulation⁣

F2) Leg Ext⁣

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Screenshots of the app will also be seen under:

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