The future of fitness: how technology can help us boost performance and aid recovery

It’s at all times amusing to re-watch previous sci-fi motion pictures to see how they used to think about individuals understanding ‘sooner or later’. Fictional characters in these motion pictures train in futuristic, printed sneakers, put on expertise that enhances focus and drink shakes which can be tailor-made to their DNA. But what if I informed you that every one of that is really already obtainable to us, mere mortals, proper now? Welcome to the long run!

That’s proper, you’ll be able to put on running shoes which have 3D-printed midsoles, purchase ‘move state-inducing’ headphones and devour protein powder that’s fairly actually tailor-made to your DNA. None of those applied sciences, perhaps aside from the headphones, are essentially new-new however they’re positively new to us, customers, as beforehand they’ve solely been obtainable to a couple chosen prime athletes.

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