Perspectives on Nutrition – Is Learning How to Lose Weight Fast a Good Idea?

Is studying the way to shed weight quick a good suggestion? This is a controversial subject as a result of for many individuals it is a crucial aim. In actuality, fast weight reduction is usually unsustainable.

Re-contexualising the aim of weight reduction in relation to optimising well being, happiness, restoration and efficiency is a significantly better strategy to strategy and take into consideration this topic. Below are a number of examples from high athletes together with BK Gudmundsson, Lauren Fisher and Annie Thorisdottiron how they strategy their diet with reference to weight reduction, physique fats proportion, efficiency, long run well being and self acceptance. 

Read them and tell us in case you agree, or in case you discover these approaches useful. 


How does your diet change throughout completely different durations of the 12 months? Do you may have phases the place you’ll look to construct extra muscle for instance? Or to chop weight earlier than a significant occasion such because the CrossFit Games®?

Source: CrossFit Inc / BK Gudmundsson

It doesn’t change a lot all year long since I practice twice a day all 12 months round. What adjustments essentially the most is how I’m training.

For me crucial factor is to get sufficient of meals and in the precise proportions. I by no means attempt to reduce weight however with larger quantity in coaching the burden comes down a bit.

Does your diet change from everyday relying on the kind of coaching that you’re doing that day (i.e. a restoration day versus a coaching day for instance)?

Yes, the diet or the proportions change barely on a restoration day versus coaching day.

Do you may have a pure body weight that you simply really feel most snug at relating to performing?

I’m normally round 84-85 kilos however earlier than the Games® it’d come down a little bit due to the way in which I’m coaching. I really feel excellent at that weight. The heaviest I’ve been is 86-87 kilos so I don’t actually really feel the adjustments a lot.

Strength training Bk GudmundssonSource: Renaissance Periodization

On an intensive coaching day, what number of grams of protein and carbohydrates do you need to eat?

I’m consuming round 175 grams of protein, 75 grams of fats and 360 grams of carbohydrates every day.

(Editor’s Note: Please bear in mind that these figures are tough estimations based mostly on Bjorgvin’s necessities and coaching historical past. Simply emulating them is not going to work in precisely the identical manner on your physique)

How does your diet change throughout an vital competitors? 

It could be arduous generally to get strong meals down throughout competitors day so after the day I attempt to make that up by consuming lots of meals. If I can’t eat extra I attempt to drink to get extra energy in.


Calorie steadiness is the ratio between energy taken in and energy expended in anyone particular person at any given time. This is the MOST IMPORTANT issue relating to altering your weight. What you really want each day shall be particular person to you based mostly in your age, way of life and health habits. 

There are 3 states of calorie steadiness:

  • Negative calorie steadiness (hypocaloric weight loss program)
  • Calorie steadiness (eucaloric weight loss program)
  • Positive Calorie steadiness (hypercaloric weight loss program)

It is unattainable to be in a couple of of those states at anyone time.

  • adverse calorie steadiness will at all times end in weight reduction. “Even although physique water alterations might often masks this lack of tissue, it’s at all times going to happen, with ZERO exceptions up to now found.”
  • eucalorie steadiness signifies that the athlete is not going to acquire or shed weight as a result of they expend as many energy as they eat.
  • constructive calorie steadiness signifies that the person is consuming extra energy than they’re utilizing.

When it involves studying the way to shed weight quick, that is as vital issue. But it overly simplifies a sophisticated course of.

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