Nauseating video shows fitness ‘guru’ eating raw chicken to prove it’s part of his diet

A nauseating video reveals the second a health fanatic ate a uncooked rooster breast after being slammed for sharing his uncommon post-workout meal on-line.

Twitter person @BlazenBrady, or Blazen, shared a picture, which incorporates three items of uncooked poultry, one rasher of raw bacon, and one piece of additionally raw, week-old steak.

He stated that he eats the meal after each fitness center session, including the rooster ‘is just not unhealthy in any respect and tastes high-quality’ – however individuals did not consider it was actually a part of his food plan.

So, to show them incorrect, Blazen filmed himself really consuming the uncooked rooster – including: “It’s not even unhealthy bro, you guys are tripping.”

Experts warn in opposition to consuming uncooked or undercooked rooster as a result of attainable presence of micro organism resembling salmonella, which might result in meals poisoning and different severe diseases, so please do not do it.

He posted a video as proof

In the video, he stated: “Alright I received a number of individuals asking me to make this video, since you guys do not consider I’m consuming this rooster uncooked.

“It’s not even unhealthy bro, you guys are tripping – like, I imply you guys are fearful of it simply because they instructed you there’s micro organism in it. It’s your pure food plan, you will actually naturally need to eat it.

“It tastes the identical, possibly it is not nearly as good tasting – it is not wonderful, nevertheless it does not style unhealthy. It’s regular.

Twitter user @BlazenBrady eating raw chicken
Twitter person @BlazenBrady claims to swear by the nauseating food plan

“I eat it each single day. I washed it down with milk to get used to it after I first began, now it is a lot simpler.

“Doesn’t style unhealthy in any respect bro, I might eat rotten meat, I might eat two-week-old meat, all of it tastes the identical.”

The authentic submit learn: “Post exercise meal – contemporary uncooked rooster, week outdated steak I left in my fridge, my favorite bacon, uncooked butter, uncooked milk.

“Chicken is just not unhealthy in any respect and tastes high-quality. This meal is my commonplace meal I often eat on a regular basis, I eat primarily extra steak over rooster although often.”

Blazen eating raw chicken
He says that individuals are afraid of uncooked meat ‘for no good motive’

Twitter customers had been fast to mock Blazen’s meal, with one person posting: “I wouldn’t even feed this to my canine. Take care of your self, dude.”

The submit has 54 likes, 20 retweets, and 256 feedback – together with many who Blazen replied to.

Twitter person @SLAYZUR commented: “That butter is coating your arteries as we communicate.”

To which Blazen replied: “Pasteurized butter is the enemy, not butter itself. Raw butter is likely one of the greatest pure, saturated fat you will get. A literal superfood.”

And @TheJusticeEagle commented: “Whoever instructed you this stuff is talking from a spot of ignorance, to gas their ego.

“Steve Jobs did the identical, with a really treatable most cancers. Died. Admitted he was misled and will have trusted tutorial, credible consultants, not nuts.”

Backwoods Barbie posted: “Make positive you submit whenever you’re within the hospital with meals poisoning.”

And Twitter person @FoucaltFrenulum added: “Not gonna touch upon the uncooked meat scenario there however oh boy that is loads of butter.”

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