Does Drinking Water Lead to Weight Loss?

If there’s one “holy grail” secret to preserving your physique wholesome, it’s consuming loads of water. The U.S. Geological Survey notes that water makes up as a lot as 60 p.c of our our bodies, and it is answerable for every part from flushing out physique waste to regulating physique temperature.

“Our our bodies are very dependent upon water, as all cells, physique compartments, and bodily fluids (for instance blood) inside the human physique comprise water to some extent,” explains Albert Do, MD, MPH, a gastroenterologist and the scientific director of the fatty liver program at Yale Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. He provides that our kidneys are good at managing the quantity of water inside our our bodies; they make extra urine in states of extra water consumption, they usually scale back urine manufacturing in periods of decreased water consumption. But the physique is extra delicate to states of water deprivation, and is usually not in a position to survive greater than per week with out water.

In addition to preserving you alive by serving to your bodily programs perform (which is clearly the most important perk of staying hydrated!), water may also aid you obtain a wholesome weight. But it’s not so simple as water in, weight off. Here’s what it’s essential to find out about how water might assist with weight reduction or upkeep.

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