3 Things To Know About Your Nutrition Labels, From An MD

You doubtless know the problems with factory-farmed meat (here’s a refresher, simply in case). But in accordance with Lustig, these animals even have metabolic syndrome: When they’re corn-fed, he says, “branched chain amino acids are being changed into fats within the liver, which is driving their hyperinsulinemia, which is driving their development.” That’s why he suggests buying grass-fed beef, which does not have as a lot fats marbled into the cuts of meat. 

As for chicken, free-range or pasture raised is usually your greatest wager. Although, says Lustig, you might even see some questionable elements on vitamin labels, even ones deemed “all-natural” or “natural.”

“A variety of hen breasts are dipped in salt options to swell them, in order that they’ll promote it for extra [money],” he says, a course of generally often known as “plumping” or “enhancing.” Lustig provides, “There’s plenty of further liquid added to it very particularly to extend the value.” So in case you see a proportion of salt, water, or spices on the label, that’s doubtless what it’s referring to. The liquid additionally retains the hen extra moist, juicy, and flavorful—in case you see “pure taste” on the label, it sometimes refers to a saline injection of salt, concentrated sugar and lemon, or broth. 

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