Weight loss story: “I finish my dinner by 7.30 pm and workout for 45 minutes everyday”

My breakfast: Veg salads/ Ragi malt + flax seeds /Besan Cheela with inexperienced chutney / Multigrain Bread Paneer Sprouts Sandwich(2 items)/ Vegetable Poha(1 bowl).

My lunch: Roti 1 items + 1 medium Bowl salad(cucumber/carrot/radish/salad leaves/beetroot/tomato/onion) + dal (1 medium bowl) / curd

Green veg/ combine veg/(1 huge bowl ) (should not be oily).

My dinner: Paneer cubes sauteed / One bowl salad+curd / daliya with inexperienced veggies/smoothie with yoghurt.

Pre-workout meal: One small banana/half apple/one slice Papaya 10 minutes earlier than exercise.

Post-workout meal: One scoop protein with water.

I take pleasure in (What you eat in your cheat days): Gol Gappa, biryani, or something mainly what I wish to eat.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: A smoothie with yoghurt and watermelon/ avocado/ banana/ inexperienced apple.

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